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Marilize Van der Walt

Marilize spent four years as a Cellular/Molecular Biology student at USU, during which time she conducted extensive undergraduate research in the French Lab. In 2015, she graduated and enrolled in the joint vet program at USU and Washington State University. She is continuing her association with the French lab during this time.

Marilize is interested in studying aspects of reptile physiology (e.g., stress response, immunity, and reproduction) and their interactions with both anthropogenic disturbances in nature and elements of animal housing in zoos and other domestic settings. She studied the effect of noise pollution on Uta stansburiana in the lab and field, as well as the effects of group housing and shelter in enclosures in the lab. 

She has carried out two major projects in the French lab, on:
  • the effect of noise as a stressor in Side-blotched Lizards, both in the lab and in the field
  • the effect of group housing on stress and immunity in Side-blotched Lizards
Marilize and her research were featured by USU's Office of Research and Graduate Studies in 2014!