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CA Health Director mandates reporting MRSA cases in healthy                         February 15, 2008

People with Disabilities Suit Seeks Access to Park trails, pathways. 

February 8, 2008

 San Francisco's Proposition A flawed January 31, 2008



City Parks Officials Seek Safety Review of Synthetic Surfaces JAN 23, 2008 

 Park Admits Turf is Toxic!    January 23, 2008


 City asks for a mulligan on its new toxic turf ban

 JAN 23, 2008 

 S.F. General researchers follow strain of drug-resistant bacteria                        January 15, 2008 

A Moratorium Sought Against Synthetic Grass

January 2, 2008

December 21, 2007

 Artificial turf seen as contributor to staph infections in Texas



KQED Commentary "Plastic Grass"





ABC News video (San Francisco)






                                               Atherton, California      April 11, 2007

    Woodside, California    July 27, 2007





Mount Sinai Children's Environmental Health Conference CEHC "Artificial Turf":

Part 1 Watch Here

Part 2 Watch Here