2) Neighborhood Impact

from a Synthetic Tire Waste Field

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        According to the SF Park Commission, the Kimbell neighborhood playfield will be converted into an intensive commercial athletic facility marketed to the whole bay area. Casual neighborhood access time will curtailed by the renting of time to leagues throughout the bay area including communities outside of San Francisco who do not have, or do not allow tire waste fields in their communities. The City Fields Foundation and the Recreation and Parks Department will develop a permit and reservation system for renting field time and post signs at the fields indicating the times the fields may be available for use for neighborhood play. One can expect greatly INCREASED PARKING CONGESTION.  


       Like sand, the TIRE WASTE CRUMBS ARE EASILY DISPERSED OUT OF THE AREA and end up in shoes, hair, clothing, clothes dryers, and down storm drains. When stirred up by the athletes or the wind, the dust material is spread throughout the surrounding environment, as opposed to staying within a government certified landfill.


Neighbors typically note that on hot days that the tire crumb SMELLS LIKE BURNING RUBBER. Regular spraying the field with a commercial fabric softener is the current state of the art treatment. 


The pristine artificial surfaces we see on TV sports or in promoter’s presentations are deceptively different than those found in a public park setting. They are exclusive, expensively maintained and protected from public access, or as in the case of promotion material photos, newly installed.




                                                             Silver Terrace (San Francisco) 


VANDALISM, including arson, is an emerging problem.. Graffiti artists have discovered this sizable new surface to express their messages which are nearly impossible to remove. Even biological vandalism has occurred.

Synthetic turf, though treated with fire-retardant, can melt if set on fire, Damage to the surface may result in expensive repairs or replacement, as warranties may be void if the field is not protected during non-athletic events.                                                                                                              fire damaged artificial turf

              These SURFACES ARE VERY VULNERABLE IN A PUBLIC PARK SETTING. The fragile nature of the surface material used is EASILY ACCIDENTALLY DAMAGED. As a result most playfield activities are not allowed.  

        Artificial fields have even been found to be 8 TO 10 DECIBELS NOISIER than natural grass.