Why Has San Francisco fieldturf artificial synthetic soccer leagues health

Filled 20 Acres of Neighborhood Parks   

 with 1000s of Tons of Hazardous Waste?

The city of San Francisco, a self proclaimed leader in green policies, has commenced the second phase of an ambitious program of eliminating acres of neighborhood green spaces and pre-existing grass playing fields.  

    The San Francisco    Rec & Parks has formed a coalition with City Fields Foundation. Their vision involves turning dozens of neighborhood green park ecosystems into what amounts to inner city “hazardous waste sites”. Community parks will be polluted with 1000s of tons of tire waste, reducing by 7% San Francisco’s dwindling green spaces.               ( ALL IMAGES ON THIS WEB SITE ENLARGE WHEN CLICKED )



   The stewards of City Fields Foundation and the SF Rec & Parks are disseminating misinformation to persuade the citizens of San Francisco to convert their grass play fields into a synthetic product composed of tire waste and plastic. A team from City Fields Foundation is doing a professional hard sell to San Francisco’s civic leaders and to neighborhood groups. 

Whether you are a parent concerned about your child's health, a conservationist interested in protecting our green spaces, an advocate for the handicapped challenged, or a San Franciscan taxpayer promoting sound fiscal policies, this issue should be of interest to you.



Misinformation is being imparted, as well as the impact that this program’s course of action will have upon the citizens of San Francisco’s;       

·        public health,    

·        environmental health,                                      

·        utilization of recreation space (incl. ADA issues),     

·        and long term fiscal commitment                              


In 2008 The City of San Francisco created a Synthetic Fields Task Force which identified

                         "11 environmental and health issues of public concern".

The task force found that;

·   they could not determine if synthetic tire waste fields were safe,

    or if they pose a long term and/or short term harmful risk to children’s health,

    pets/wildlife health, or to the surrounding neighborhood environment.

·   the finely ground up tire waste contains unregulated quantities of lead, carcinogens,

    and other hazardous chemicals,

·   it is expensive to properly control the virulent bacterial growth in tire waste fields,

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           Health Risks           Environment           Neighborhood Impact           Discriminate           Expensive    

                             Tire waste athletic fields are being called into question throughout the world  . 



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