The Annual Meeting of the Hudson-Berkshire Chapter brings together external speakers and local neuroscientists from public and private research institutions in the Capital District. It is a meeting of the minds for our faculty and trainees, who can enjoy the constructive feedback from hard-core neuroscientists! The Meeting is a full-day event and takes place in the idyllic settings of our Capital District Region.

2017 Edition (2017 Registration)
Keynote Speakers:                           Dr. Henry Yin (Duke University) - "TBA"
                                                        Dr. Jennifer Bizon (University of Florida) - "TBA"
Local Speakers:                                Dr. David Butler (NSCI) - "Disease in a dish modeling of tauopathies using induced pluripotent stem cells"
                                                        Dr. Janet Paluh (CNSE) - "Meeting challenges in CNS therapies: stem cells, microchips and nanotechnology"
                                                        Dr. Marvin Bentley (RPI) - "The molecular motors that mediate selective transport in neurons   "
                                                        Dr. Paolo Forni (SUNY Albany) - "Uncoupling olfactory development and GnRH-1 neuronal migration, new isights into Kallmann syndrome"
                                                       Dr. Arseny Khakhalin (Bard College) - "Functional network connectivity during looming stimulus detection in the optic tectum"
                                                        Dr. Yannick Poitelon (AMC) - "Acetyl-CoA production from pyruvate is not necessary for preservation of myelin"
  Dr. Christopher Vecsey (Skidmore College) - "Sleeping on the fly: optogenetic assessment of the role of neuropeptide signals in the regulation of sleep and rhythms"
                                                        Dr. Cay Anderson-Hanley (Union College) - "Neuropsychological effects of an interactive physical and cognitive exercise system (iPACES™) for older adults"
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                                                        SUNY Albany - College of Arts and Sciences
                                                    SUNY Albany - Research Foundation
                                                    The Society for Neuroscience

Keynote Speakers:                           Dr. Attila Losonczy (Columbia University) - "Dissecting hippocampal circuits for learning and memory"
                                                        Dr. David Lovinger (NIH/NIAAA) - "Probing corticostriatal circuitry roles in action control and habit learning"
Local Speakers:                                Dr. Ji Ung Lee (CNSE) - "The future of penetrating neural probes"
                                                        Dr. Sarah McCallum (AMC) - "The role of the habenulo-interpeduncular pathway in nicotine addiction"
                                                        Dr. Damian Zuloaga (SUNY Albany) - "Sex differences in methamphetamine alterations 
                                                        in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis"
                                                        Dr. Lucy Spardy (Skidmore College) - "The effects of long-range connectivity on limb coordination
in crayfish swimming"
                                                        Dr. Jim Dias (SUNY Albany) - "Investing in neuroscience research at UAlbany"
                                                        Dr. Bruce Herron (Wadsworth) - "Genetic mechanisms of epileptogenesis"                                                                                           Dr. Dan Meyer (GE) - "Molecular and cellular characterization of post-mortem human brain
by multiplexed immunofluorescence"
                                                        Dr. Kristen Zuloaga (NSCI) - "Effect of diabetes in a mouse model of vascular cognitive impairment"
                                                        Dr. Mariana Figueiro (RPI) - "Tailored light treatment for improving sleep, mood and behavior in patients with Alzheimer's disease"                                                 
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                                                        SUNY Polytechnic Institute - College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering
                                                        The Society for Neuroscience

Congratulations to Jennifer Lin (Forni lab - SUNY), who used her 2016 SfN-HBC Travel Award to present her work at the 2017 North East Society for Developmental Biology Meeting in Woods Hole (MA)

Keynote Speakers:                           Dr. Michael O’Donovan (NIH/NINDS) - "Optogenetic dissection of motor circuits in the spinal cord"
                                                        Dr. Zhenyu Yue (Mount Sinai) - "How shall I eat thee: a question of autophagy and neurodegeneration"
Local Speakers:                                Dr. Russ Ferland (AMC) - "Developmental disorders and primary cilia"
                                                        Dr. Maria Apostopoulou (NSCI) - "Over the hill: neural stem cells and aging"
                                                        Dr. Deanna Thompson (RPI) - "Electrical stimuli in neural engineering"
                                                        Dr. Mark Fleck (AMC) - "Amine modulation of GABA-A receptors"
                                                        Dr. Annalisa Scimemi (SUNY Albany) - "A novel role for brain astrocytes in hemorrhagic stroke"
                                                        Dr. Sara Lagalwar (Skidmore) -  "Pathogenesis and treatment of spinocerebellar ataxia type 1"
                                                        Dr. Gerwin Schalk (Wadsworth) - "Neurotechnologies: applying engineering principles to basic and applied neuroscience"
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                                                        SUNY Albany - Department of Biology
                                                        SUNY Albany - College of Arts and Sciences
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