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HIV medicine has changed since it was initially discovered in the 1980s when it was initially known as the gay plague, gay cancer, gay pneumonia and Gay Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome.  What was a 100% mortality rate has now become a chronic disease managed by antiviral medications and can be prevented with the use of Preexposure Prophylaxis.  HIV care used to be solely in the realm of specialists.  Through advocacy efforts of many providers, family physicians and primary care providers can treat patients with HIV.  For those interested in becoming certified in HIV medicine, Swedish First Hill Family Medicine Residency Program is excited to offer their HIV Area of Concentration.  Please contact Kevin Wang to discuss your schedule and discuss with your advisor about your interest.

This AOC is a 2-year longitudinal experience during your PGY-2 and PGY-3 years.  

Goals & objectives

This area of concentration will provide you with additional training to gain further expertise in the care of patients with HIV.  This one to two year experience will provide you with a continuity clinic to start patients on treatment, manage their medications, complications, side effects along with gain additional experience in HIV prevention.

Peter Shalit, MD and Associates

You will work with Dr. Shalit and his colleagues at his office located right by the Swedish First Hill Family Medicine clinic.  Dr. Shalit was one of the first few doctors in Seattle willing to treat people with HIV.  He’s served on multiple community organization boards and was awarded the prestigious Greater Seattle Business Association Business and Humanitarian Awards in 2018.

Rotation milestones

1.     Patient care

·      PC-1, PC-2 & PC-3: Learn to provide patient-centered and quality care to people with HIV

·      PC-5: Gain competence in preventing, diagnosing and treating HIV

2.     Medical knowledge

·      MK-1 & MK-2: Demonstrate appropriate knowledge in HIV medicine

3.     Systems-based practice

·      SBP-2: Emphasizing patient safety by following appropriate clinical guidelines and protocols

·      SBP-3: Advocating for individual and community health by partnering and working with community programs

·      SBP-4: Work in a new office and work on building skills to work with new healthcare teams

4.     Practice-based learning & improvement

·      PBL-1 & PBL-2: Engage in self-directed learning and demonstrate ability to acquire new skills in HIV care

5.     Professionalism

·      PROF-2 & PROF-3: Demonstrate compassion, respect and empathy towards patients and present in a respective & professional manner while attending all duties and responsibilities

6.     Communication

·      C-1, C-2 & C-3: Develop meaningful, therapeutic relationships with patients while communicating effectively with them and the healthcare team

Application requirements

Any resident in the Swedish First Hill Family Medicine Residency Program can participate in the HIV Area of Concentration.  Residents must also ensure the ability to stay on track to hit the required number of outpatient visits as determined by RRC.  This may include using 1 or 2 elective blocks to make up for clinic time used during the HIV Area of Concentration.  In addition to meeting clinic number, residents must also meet these criteria:

·      Must be in good standing in the residency program meeting all core competency requirements

·      Must be on track to meet the required number of outpatient clinic visits, OB continuity deliveries and other ACGME requirements

·      Must obtain approval from your advisor to participate in this Area of Concentration

Requirements for completion of the HIV Area of Concentration

To successfully complete the HIV AOC, residents must complete a longitudinal experience with Dr. Peter Shalit, MD in addition to the following:

·      Completion of the American Academy of HIV Medicine or the University of Washington HIV modules.  These are required to gain your certification after graduation.  Access requires you to be a member of AAHIVM.

o   AAHIVM has a discounted membership for residents for $40.

·      Present an HIV health talk to the residency program (Monday morning openers)

It is also encouraged to work with local HIV organizations such as LifeLong AIDS Alliance to participate in community service.

Requirements for HIV Certification

To successfully apply for HIV certification through AAHIVM, you must complete a minimum of 45 credits or activity hours of HIV and/or HCV_related continuing education within the 36 months preceding the date of applications as follows:

·      AMA accredited category I CME

·      College-level coursework (transcript showing a passing grade must be submitted)

·      Teaching/lecturing (1 hour of in-class instruction is equivalent to 1 hour of continuing education)

·      Participation in an HIV-related residency or fellowship program (letter from the residency or fellowship director confirming participation and completion of HIV/HCV-related didactic instruction must be submitted)

The letter is going to be the most likely way for you to meet this qualification.  Please talk with Kevin about getting your letter.

Please review this website for additional information and for examination dates:

Additional resources

HIV 101: Webinar by the International Antiviral Society - USA

AIDS Education and Training Center Program: Additional CME

Reviewed and updated 7/28/2019, Kevin Wang

Effective: 6/25/2019 – 6/24/2020