I created this page as a generic project hub until I get my normal server up and running again.

The steam community announcement for for this project can be found HERE, or quoted on this site HERE

Information on making donations to support SFMPhys2 can be found HERE.

Project Summary

SFMPhys was a addon to Source Filmmaker that allowed for the simulation of physics to be put into animations. Using the Bullet physics engine, it could simulate rigid and soft bodies with varying constraints. 

However, it has not received any development in over five months, and SFM has evolved since then, subsequently making sfmphys unable to function correctly. 

I took a look at the code for sfmphys and realized that in order to properly fix it and prevent the same problems from occurring the next time SFM updates, I needed to redesign it from the ground up (somewhat). The ideas were sound, but needed to be remade in a better way. 

That led me to thinking. If I was going to remake sfmphys, then I might as well make it better. So SFMPhys2 was born.

Although still in development, I hope it will provide better simulations, processing speed, features, and brandishing a full GUI integrated into SFM itself as another tab/window. No more of that ambiguous "Run_SFmphys_simulation.py" stuff. Instead, you can simply choose your physics settings and click the "Run" button.

That's not even the best part, though. SFMPhys2 will include support for multiple physics engines. While Bullet is a pretty good physics engine, it may not be the best for some specific cases. Given that, you may choose between at least five other engines to run the simulations with. Some may be better at rigid bodies like boxes falling onto each other, while others may be better at soft body dynamics like simulation cloth. You can choose what's best for you.

Additional features include (still adding new ones):
  • Per-project or global physics engine settings
  • Flat ground planes for engines that support it
Features that may not be in the initial release, but I hope to add sometime:
  • Dynamically generated cloth material and models
  • .bsp map file parsing to create full environmental physics simulations
  • .mdl model file parsing to create detailed mesh physics simulations, convex hulls, etc
  • Mechanics devices like springs and pullies

Any ideas, comments, donations and help are greatly appreciated.

Recent Announcements

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