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Evolution, developmental biology, and neuroscience...for Christians

About my blog 

Visit my blog, Quintessence of Dust, featuring regular reviews of the recent scientific literature (Journal Clubs), on topics of interest to evangelical Christians (like me).  You can find it at Technorati as well.

Next Journal Club article that I'll discuss: an article from Science last year, measuring rates of adaptive (beneficial) mutation in bacteria, with surprising results.  Ongoing: a series on "junk DNA," debunking the numerous falsehoods pertaining to this topic that have been crafted and disseminated by creationists, and a series addressing the errors behind Michael Behe's The Edge of Evolution.  Also upcoming: book reviews of Gordon Glover's Beyond the Firmament and Debbie and Loren Haarsma's Origins: A Reformed Look at Creation, Design, & Evolution, plus a review of some of the chapters in Lee Strobel's The Case for a Creator.

About this site

This is my personal site, where I'll put pictures and other fun personal stuff.  My professional site is under construction.  My Resources page includes various documents which can be freely downloaded.  And I have a Music page where I've put some playlists (streaming) of my some of my favorite music.