XY Evolutions-Davie-TBA


T'z Toys and Games
1060 Sterling Road
Davie, Florida 33024

Tournament Organizer- Larry Altavilla
Tournament Organizer Email- pokemonlarry@rocketmail.com
Tournament Organizer Phone Number- (954) 226-7769
Registration Time- 10:30am

Entry Fee- $30
Format- Limited

Players will receive a prerelease kit with a 22 card evolution pack as well as 4 packs of the newest set to build a 40 card deck and than will play at least 3 rounds with this 40 card deck. At the end of the tournament, all players will receive 3 more packs of the newest set.
For more information on Prerelease Tournaments go to-http://www.pokemon.com/us/organized-play/tournaments/pre-release/

 Players must be in the registration line prior to the end of registration.