My Trainer Club Account

In order to take advantage of all privileges Pokemon Organized Play has to offer  you must have an active My Trainer Club account on Go to and in the upper right hand corner click join now and follow the on screen instructions. Note, you do not need to have a My Trainer Club Account on to participate in Leagues and Tournaments, but it is highly recommended that you create one.
If you are under the age of 13 you will need your Parents or Guardians approval to have a My Trainer Club account.

Parents- After your child makes a My Trainer Club account you will be required to create an account to grant approval. When you grant approval for your child's account, their account will be linked to your account until they turn 13 years old. If you do not want your child to have an account or receive Player Rewards their account will be deleted after 14 days.
Important For All Players and Parents-  Once you have made your My Trainer Club account (or approved your child's account). You are not done, you must attach your Player ID number (or your child's player number) to your My Trainer Club account. You can do this under the My OP Tab.
Parents- You must be the one to attach your child's Player ID number to their account. Be sure that you log into your account and click on your child's account when doing so. Do not attach your child's Player ID Number onto your account.
Last Step- Once you attach your Player ID number to your account there will be more options in Edit Profile. Be sure to put in your mailing address and, if it is not selected, bubble in the bubble that says "Yes! I want to participate in all available Play! Pokémon Programs". Players if you are under the age of 13 your Parent must do this for you through their account.