2014-2015 Championship Series Information (TCG)

The Championship Series is a series of Premier Events that leads up to the most prestigious event of the year- The 2015 Pokémon TCG World Championships. The 2015 Pokémon TCG World Championships will take place in Boston, Massachusetts on ?August 21st through August 23rd 2015.

League Challenge Tournaments, City Championships, State Championships and Regional Championships are Open events. Open events are events that anyone can play in by simply showing up; no previous qualification is required. There is no limit to how many Open events player can play in and there is no residency requirement. No residency requirement means a player doesn't have to be from Miami to play in the Miami City Championship or be from Georgia to play in the Georgia State Championship.

The United States National Championships is a Closed Event that require qualification. Players who wish to participate in The National Championships must have earned enough Play! Points at Leagues, Tournaments and other Premier Events leading up to The National Championship. Players earn Play! Points just by attending events; final record and final standing in a tournament does not effect the amount of Play! Points earned. Players who have earned at least
TBA Play! Points (Masters Division)/TBA Play! Points (Junior/Senior Divisions) Play! Points are eligible to play in The National Championships.

The World Championships
is also a Closed Event that require qualification. In order to qualify for the World Championships players must earn enough Championship Points during the Tournament Season. Championship Points can be earned at all Premier Events in the Championship Series.

North American Junior Division Players must earn 200 CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS to secure an invite.

North American Senior Division Players must earn 250 CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS to secure an invite.

North American Master Division Players must earn 300 CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS to secure an invite.
  2014-2015 Championship Series Schedule

League Challenge Tournaments
Multiple Local Level Events to be held all year long
Autumn Regional Championship
October 4th & 5th 2014
October 11th & 12th 2014
October 18th & 19th 2014
6 Regional Championships throughout the United States and Canada to participate in.
Closest choice to South Florida- Houston, Texas on October 11th/12th
City Championships
November 2014 - January 2015
Multiple Events worldwide spread over several weeks
Winter Regional Championship
February 14th & 15th 2015
February 28th & March 1st 2015
Multiple Events throughout the United States and Canada to participate in.
Closest choice to South Florida- Orlando, Florida on February 28th/March 1st
State Championships
Multiple Events (no more then 1 event per state) spread over 3 Saturdays in March
Closest choices to South Florida- Florida (?/?), Alabama (?/?), Georgia (?/?)
Spring Regional Championship
May 16th & 17th 2015
May 23rd & 24th 2015
May 30th & 31st 2015
? Regional Championships throughout the United States and Canada to participate in.
Closest choice to South Florida- Athens, GA on May 30th/31st
United States National Championship
July 2nd - 5th 2015
Indianapolis, IN
2015 World Championships
August 21st-23rd 
Boston, MA

The Official Championship Series information page can be found here on www.pokemon.com

Just a reminder for all events in the Championship Series deck lists are required, players are advised to fill out a deck list before arriving to the tournament.


Click here for an online deck list maker

If you are unable to fill out your deck list prior to arrival to the tournament blank deck lists will be on site for you to fill out. If you have to fill out a deck list on site please arrive as early as possible to avoid a Round 1 game loss. Players must be in the deck check line prior to the end of registration if they want to play in the tournament without a Round 1 game loss.