League Challenge-Lauderhill-TBA

Tate's Gaming Satellite 

4588 University Drive

Lauderhill, Florida, 33351

Tournament Organizer- Larry Altavilla
Tournament Organizer Email- pokemonlarry@rocketmail.com

Registration Time- 11:00am
Entry Fee- $5.00
Format- Modified Constructed- XY Primal Clash-On
Prizes Per Age Division-
Any entry fee collected at League Challenge Tournaments will be use to obtain Booster Packs. Booster Packs will be awarded to Top Placing Players. Exact Prizes will vary from event to event, please contact the Tournament Organizer for more information.

The Top 4 Players in each age group will receive a League Challenge Promo Card.

In addition players also receive Championship Points based on the amount of players in attendance in their age group. Official Information about the Championship Point Structure can be found here on www.pokemon.com


Just a reminder for these tournaments deck lists are required, players are advised to fill out a deck list before arriving to the tournament.


Click here for an online deck list maker

If you are unable to fill out your deck list prior to arrival to the tournament blank deck lists will be on site for you to fill out. If you have to fill out a deck list on site please arrive as early as possible to avoid a Round 1 game loss. Players must be in the deck check line prior to the end of registration if they want to play in the tournament without a Round 1 game loss.