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Studies into the personal impacts, social implications and historical trends of immigration.


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Barone, Michael

The new Americans: how the melting pot can work again

There are important similarities between the minority groups that dominate the news today and those that were the center of attention at the turn of the last century. We need to learn from America's success in assimilating these earlier immigrants, Barone urges, as well as from the mistakes that were made.

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Becoming American: personal essays from first generation immigrant women

These essays by 23 women tell the story of finding one's place and one's self after immigrating to the United States. The diversity of their homelands--Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe--make each story unique.

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Benson, Sonia

U.S .immigration and migration almanac

This two-volume survey presents concise histories of specific cultural groups as well as chapters on larger issues, such as forced migrations, urbanization, and westward migrations.

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Dodson, Howard

In motion:  African American migration experience

500-plus years of African-American migration is presented in four sections ; migrations of the enslaved (1450s-1865), northern & western migrations (1783-1920's), war migrations (1916- 1970), and contemporary migrations, which include Caribbean, Haitian, and African immigration, as well as a return to the South.

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Grillo, Gina J.

Between cultures:  children of immigrants

For adults, emigration to America is filled with both hope and fear, yet it is tempered by a mature understanding. For children, however, this same journey unfolds in the unrelenting present as they must constantly negotiate their individual identities and allegiances to culture, country, and kin.

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Immigration and asylum: from 1900 to the present

At a time when anti-immigration sentiment seems to be the norm , it is easy to forget that immigrants—asylum seekers in particular—significantly shaped the cultures of their adopted homelands. This A-to-Z set provides a detailed study of the history and current status of immigrants across the globe.

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 Joselit, Jenna

Immigration and American religion

Spanning the years 1500 to the end of the 20th century, Immigration and American Religion is a unique exploration of the evolution, character, and dynamics of religion in America.

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Kalita, S. Mitra

Suburban sahibs: three immigrant families and their passage from India to New Jersey

Journalist Kalita considers how immigration by South Asians has altered the American suburb and how the suburb has in turn altered these immigrants.

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Lynch, Thomas

Booking passage: we Irish and Americans

The story of the Lynches of County Clare: how they survived starvation, eviction and emigration—the three-headed scourge of English racism—and the pain of diaspora as they emigrated to the U.S.

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Martinez, Ruben

New Americans

Martinez narrates the journeys of recent American immigrant families from Palestine, Nigeria, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and India, offering a portrait of the United States' new multicultural landscape.

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Nazario, Sonia

Enrique’s journey

Enrique was five years old when his mother, Lourdes, came to L.A., from Central America,  where a series of low-paying jobs defeated her plan of returning to her children. At 17, Enrique sets out to find her.

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Passage to liberty

The drama of the 19th and 20th century immigration to America is captured through photos, letters, and other artifacts. The text uses the stories of individuals and families to recapture the rich heritage the Italian people carried with them over the waves, and planted anew in the American soil.

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Ramos, Jorge

Dying to cross

A tragic story about the death of nineteen people, the final hours of their incredible ordeal, and the network of individuals and countries that profit from what is considered by many to be nothing less than modern-day slavery.

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Reinventing the melting pot

As the various social scientists, journalists, and writers included discuss the nature and the practicality of twenty-first-century assimilation and cultural identity, the reader is treated to an exciting new vision of what it means to be an American in an increasingly global and richly diverse society.

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Thompson, Gabriel

There’s no Jose here: following the hidden lives of Mexican immigrants

Mexicans in the U.S. speak in their own words, giving readers a look into their stories as they struggle to survive in a new and often hostile land.

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Urrea, Luis Alberto

The devil’s highway

This is a book about death and dying along the Mexico-Arizona border--the Devil's Highway. It is a powerful account of 26 men from Veracruz, Mexico, who tried to enter the United States illegally in May 2001.

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