Finding Your Past

Where did your family come from?  A selected list of books and DVD's to help discover your family tree for beginners and experts alike.


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Best, Laura

Genealogy for the first time : research your family history

A complex subject is distilled into bite-sized pieces for the beginning genealogist, providing a brief overview of the research process and breaking down each step into individual tasks.

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Burroughs, Tony

Black roots: a beginner’s guide to tracing the African American family tree

Highlights some of the special problems, solutions, and sources unique to African Americans.

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Croom, Emily

Unpuzzling your past: the best selling basic guide to genealogy

This guide focuses on fundamental strategies for researching one's ancestry, questions to ask, places for research, and interesting examples.

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Crume, Rick

Plugging into your past: how to find real family history records online

Unlock the power of the Internet in your genealogical search! This title helps you find, use, and make the most of electronic databases and digitized records.

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Everton, George B

The handy book for genealogists: United States of America

This popular and comprehensive research aid features the most accurate and up-to-date county data ever compiled.

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Hart, Anne

How to interpret your DNA test results for family history & ancestry : scientists speak out on genealogy joining genetics

Scientists in the news speak out from opposite sides of the fence on the question of DNA testing for researching family history and ancestry. How do you interpret your own DNA test results?

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Howells, Cyndi

Planting your family tree online: how to create your own family history web site

So you've built a beautiful and interesting family tree, with photos and documents. What’s next? Use this book to create a family history web site the entire family can enjoy.

929.1028 How


Kurzweil, Arthur

From generation to generation: how to trace your Jewish genealogy and family history

You'll learn about the tools, techniques, and the step-by-step process of Jewish genealogical research – including the most current information on using the Internet and the newly accessible archives of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

929.1089 K


Morgan, George G

How to do everything with your genealogy

Trace your family roots back many generations with help from this easy-to-use guide. Learn to set up a family tree, locate and evaluate vital records, select the appropriate hardware and software for the search, make the most of the Internet, and much more.

929.1 Mor

Otterson, Michael

Finding your family on the internet

Step-by-step instructions written by someone who has gone from the old techniques to the internet and understands the problems faced by those making this journey.

929.1 Ott


Radford, Dwight A

A Genealogists guide to discovering your Irish ancestors

There are tips on locating records both here and abroad, deciphering original documents, planning a research trip, and putting an ancestor's records in historical context.

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Rising, Marsha

Family tree problem solver: proven methods for scaling the inevitable brick wall

Complications arising from incomplete or missing records, census irregularities, and individuals of the same name occur more often than non-genealogists might think. This will help beginners break through these ``brick walls'' by breaking down each common problem into a chapter with straightforward solutions.

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Rose, James M

Black Genesis: a resource book for African-American genealogy

Designed with both the novice and the professional researcher in mind, this text provides reference resources and introduces a methodology specific to investigating African-American genealogy.

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Slawson, Mary H

Getting it right: the definitive guide to recording family history accurately

How do you record the information you have worked so hard to find?  This book will tell you how.



Smith, Franklin Carter

A Genealogist’s guide to discovering your African American ancestors

There are tips on locating records both here and abroad, deciphering original documents, planning a research trip, and putting an ancestor's records in historical context.

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Stockwell, Foster

A sourcebook for genealogical research: resources alphabetically by type and location

In this reference for both beginning and experienced genealogy researchers, Stockwell provides 270 entries on all aspects of genealogical research and family history compilation.

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 Finding Oprah's roots : finding your own

Learn about the past of the African American people and how more and more can be linked to their ancestors in Africa, thanks to genealogical research and DNA-analysis developments



Finding your family history in the attic

Includes information on where to look for clues about your family history, how to authenticate your finds, how to uncover important information, and how to preserve the family history you locate.

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Preserving your family history with multimedia

Includes information on scanning photographs and film, enhancing and repairing photographs, scanning and enhancing documents, using digital cameras, creating audio files and importing them into your genealogy software, documenting family history with videotape, and transferring home movies to videotape

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