San Francisco Ken-jutsu Society

Bu-jutsu Tanren Kyoukai
( Japanese Martial Arts Training Association)

Ken-jutsu ( Ancient Japanese Sword Fighting Skills )

Tameshi-giri ( Test cutting skills ) training

Other weaponry training:
Shuriken-jutsu ( Throwing Blade Skills )
1. Bo-Shuriken ( Stick type or knife type blades)
2. Shaken ( Multiple edged spinning wheel look like blades )

Naginata-jutsu ( Japanese Halberd Fighting Skills )
Yari-jutsu / Soho-jutsu ( Spear Fighting Skills )

Tanto-jutsu ( Dagger/Knife Fighting Skills )
Tanto-jutsu skills are very similar to the hand-to-hand combat skills, since the jabbing, thrusting, blocking, and deflecting techniques are done as an extension of our hands.  We perform the Randori ( Random or free style ) fighting skills with the full contact system by wearing the protective equipment. This equipment consists of armor on the head, chest, gloves and lower body (Japanese terms: Men, Do, Kote & Tare ).  Both oak & bamboo reed daggers are used for our regular training for the movements.

Kusari-Fundo-jutsu ( Chain Fighting Skills )
The Kusari-Fundo skills are practiced using cotton belts ( Karate or Judo belts ), held loosely in the right hand during the Randori ( Random or free style ) fight. The free sparring is done with the full body armor, but requires a different kind of speed and timing, compared to the use of other weapons. Normally, when practicing the movements without sparring, the metal chains are used, but for safety purposes, the belts are substituted.
The techniques are a variety of swings, snaps, blocks, wraps, and other movements.

Fukiya ( Blow Gun & Dart ) training

Yawara-jutsu ( Hand-to-hand Combat Skills )