Getting Started

Basic Information 
1.To make any changes to a page--select edit page in the upper right hand corner. After the changes are made save the page.

2. To create a new page--select create new page in the upper right hand corner. Give the page a title and then decide what type of page you would like. After you create the page, look at the bottom of the left menu bar under Edit Menu. Select--Navigation----edit. Select Add Page. Locate the page you just created and select OK. Then, use the arrows to move the page to the location you would like.

Changing Template Appearance
1. Select More Actions---->Manage Site--->General--->Site appearance--->Themes***After selecting the theme if you would like to change a color or two select color and appearance. Making any changes to the color or appearance takes extra time-----so be careful -----develop the content and then decide on the appearance.
1. Removing an object is simple. Click on the image and a dialogue box will appear. Select delete item.
2. Insert by selecting Insert on the top menu bar left hand side of the page. 
3. After inserting, make changes by clicking on the item and using the options that appear.
Removing the Getting Started page is simple-----Select edit sidebar---> Navigation--->Select Getting Started--->click on the X. The page is gone. You can also eliminate the Template Tips before publishing for students.

To remove the following items:
Attachments or Comments---select More Actions--->Page Settings--->remove check marks from items to be removed--->save