Decade Awards

Regional Decade Awards

We the Officers and staff of Region One like to recognize those chapters and individuals who have survived the ups and downs of this organization and who have served this organization for many years to help make it the great Region that it is.
To this end we have created special awards that are awarded at the end of every decade (2000;2010;...etc).
These awards are as follows:
The Center Seat Award - Given to the Region One Commanding Officer who have occupied the position of Commanding Officer consecutively for ten or more years.
Longest Serving Commanding Officer - Awarded to the longest serving Commanding Officer in the Region.
First Ones Award - This award recognizes those members of Region One who have been active members for fifteen or more years.
Longest Serving Member - Awarded to the longest serving active member in Region One.
Legendary Chapters of First Fleet - This award recognizes those chapters that have served in the Region for fifteen or more years, and are being recognized as being Legends in the Region.
Longest Serving Chapter - Awarded to the longest serving chapter in Region One.

These awards were presented at the 2010 Region One Summit held in Pigeon Forge, Tennesse
Center Seat Award
Admiral Linda Smith - USS Heimdal NCC- 1793   26 years
Commodore Jerry Conner - USS Yeager NCC-1893   23 years
Fleet Captain Joffre Fisher - USS Kitty Hawk NCC-1659     20 years
Major General Dennis Rayburn - Nikola Tesla   17 Years
Admiral Carolyn Donner - USS Jurassic NCC-3500  16 years
Rear Admiral Ben Redding - Bennu Station  15 years
Rear Admiral Warren Price - USS Providence NCC-71796   14 years

Longest Serving Commanding Officer - Admiral Linda Smith - USS Heimdal  26 years
Longest Serving Member - Marlene Miller  33 years
Longest Serving Chapter - USS Alaric NCC-503  28 years 

Legendary Chapters of First Fleet
USS Alaric NCC-503   28 years
USS Jamestown  NCC-1843 D      28 years
USS Lagrange NCC-3916       28 years
USS Heimdal  NCC-1793    26 years
USS Yeager NCC-61893     24 years
USS Hornet NCC-1714 D     23 years
USS Maat NCC-1794 A       23 years
USS Richmond  NCC-2003  23 years
USS Cheasepeake NCC-1887   22 years
USS Bonaventure NCC-102A    22 years
USS Columbus NCC-72401   21 years
USS Renegade NCC- 2547    21 years
USS Kitty Hawk  NCC-1659   20 years
USS Starleague   NCC-2101  19 years
USS Charleston NCC-80114   18 years
USS Arizona NCC- 71839    17 years
Nikola Tesla SS005    16 years
USS Jurassic  NCC-3500  16 years
Bennu Station SFR 119   16 years
USS Ronald E. McNair NCC-61809  16 years
USS Tycho NCC-59325   16 years

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