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Wall of Honor - Affiliations Awards

R1 Ambassadorial Award 

Dennis Barton –  For outstanding service and participation as a civilian member of the Jurassic crew. 

Paul Glassman  For the excellent assistance and tireless hard work that he rendered to the USS Jurassic during their Amateur Radio Field Day.

Legworks Logistics – Even though they are not members of the Asgard or the Columbus this company has assisted us in getting out the message that our organizations exists and they type of charity work we participate in. Over the past three years the owner of this company, John Kelley has willing let us use his trucks, at no cost to us. Legworks has also donated money to our annual Toys For Tots Campaign. If the Marines has not been able to pick up the donations we had the availability of the truck to deliver the toys to them.

Viva Goodwinfor all her tireless work with the OCP with the Shuttle Albemarle.

Sean Jackson–For outstanding performance above and beyond the call of duty in dealing with the Cadet Corps of the USS Maelstrom. For dedicated service at the many USS Maelstrom functions and for making sure those little things get done that help the chapter run so smoothly (like making sure the XO is at the meetings).

I.K.V. Bat'Lath -The I.K.V. Bat'Leth teamed up with the USS JAMESTOWN and the USS MAAT to produce the charity event "Quark's Casino Royale." This was a night of fun and gaming that benefited the American Red Cross, SFI Stampede and the Overseas Coupon Program. Approximately 60 people attended the event. This event raised $322 for the American Red Cross, $2100 worth of coupons for the Overseas Coupon Program and more than 700 stamps for the Stampede.

Independent ship Maximillian and Trek Galaxy  working with the USS Asgard and USS Columbus  - These four organizations worked together to collect funds and toys for Tots For Tots in 2002. They all participated in Trek Bowl, a bowling tournament organized by Trek Galaxy with all profits going to purchase toys. Members of all four organizations purchased toys or donated money to purchase toys. They held a raffle to raise money for this project.

USS GALLIFREY, and Region ONE - their time, money, and merchandise whenever it was needed, including' publicity in their ads, television and other media coverage, and helped with community events by providing' raffle prizes and food for dinners. For their devotion, dedication, and support of the USS GALLIFREY and Region One.
Frogs of War Games & More- they have earned by their constant support of the USS Gallifrey and Region One of STARFLEET through various sacrifices and donations that have aided, supported, and assisted the Gallifrey in our many events and community projects.
Reality Recess Inc. - for many acts of dedication, hard work and contributions to the USS Gallifrey in the name of community service and STARFLEET Region One.
Marilyn Wagoner -has used her free time for a couple years now to help us cut a tremendous amount of coupons for the USS OHIO to send in for the Overseas Coupon Project (210603)
Dark Star Quadrant of KAG and the Romulan Star Empire (RSE) and the 501st Fighting Legion of Stormtroopers (Carolina Garrison) for the willingness of their members to assist and participate at the invitation of the USS Ronald McNair in the S.C. State Museum Breakfast with Aliens that was held June 16, 2007. The Award was also given to the IKV Dark Crystal and the IKV Sword of Kahless as well as to the MFS Intrepid II. (210106.16)

IVK K'mPec - For their assistance (challenge) to the Columbus in getting school supplies for local schools

Lynchburg Suburban Woman's Club - Their support of the Appomattox and OCP (2110.05.14)

Starbase Columbus - has assisted 2 R1 chapters as well as several independent clubs in the area. When the local libraries cut back their hours, Starbase stepped up and fixed an area in their warehouse where all the clubs could meet. They installed a rest room in the space, making a children's area, supplying crafts, books, tv and movies to entertain them during meetings. They held food drives, collected for breast cancer research, set out boxes in the store to collect toys for our annual toy drive. The employees have donated not only toys but school supplies. The store owner has done all of this for the clubs only asking their assistance in setting things up and cleaning up. She allows al clubs to place their flyers as well as SFI in the store so her customers can find a group.

IKV Kem'pec- This year the Kem'pec again, joined the Columbus in a challenge for collecting school supplies and then again toys. This is an ongoing challenge between the two clubs. This year we were able to donate toys to the Firefighters for kids toy drive.(2011)

Regal Augusta Exchange Stadium 20 - For their support of the USS Star League  (211305.04)
Regal Augusta Exchange Stadium and IMAX for their support of the USS Star League.

Region One Honorary Membership

Janis Cameron – USS Jurassic NCC-3500 for the tremendous assistance and donations that she has made to the Jurassic’s Afghan Project.

Richard Brier– USS Questar - for his many years of loyalty, hard work and dedication serving along side the crew of the Questar.

Marcus OwensUSS Asgard - for his many years of loyalty, hard work and dedication serving along side the crew of the Asgard.

Employees of Ohio Polychemicals - for their many years  of assistance to the crew of the USS Asgard.

Robert and Betsy Grunwell - For their many years of assistance to the USS Appomattox
Jeff Leafey - For his years of hosting the various Region One lists ( 210712.15)
Josh Starling - For always helping out the Ohio, coming to their meetings (211005.01)

Barbara Kirby - For her cutting out and donating coupons to the McNair OCP efforts and for assisting the McNair at the gift bag packing at the Dorn VA Hospital in Columbia, SC. (211101.15)

Carolyn Irvin - For driving her son Carl and other Star League crew members to the various R1 summits, SFI ICs and away missions we particpate in with other chapters, such as the Ronald E. McNair. She feels STARFLEET is a good environment for her son who is disabled.
Paul Rogers - For his ongoing support and friendship of the USS Star League