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Scholastic Achievement Awards

No certificates are issued by the R1 Awards program for the taking of an completion of these courses. members who have taken and passed OTS and OCC can be added to the R1 Awards site wall of honor. 

Please email Awards Director at sfir1awards@yahoo.com to add members that have passed OTS and OCC.

Officer Training School
Members who have passed OTS may be placed on the R1 Awards site wall of honor. 
Member may purchase a Garnet Ribbon.

Officer Command College 
Member may purchase a Large Gold Star to affix to the Garnet ribbon.

"Legion of Honor" - For students who have made the honor toll for any one quarter of an academic year. Inclued a copy of the report card/record.

Ribbon description - Red Orange
Devices - Bronze Star  -Elementary School
              Silver Star - Junior High/Middle School
              Gold Star - High School
              Bronze Oak Leaf - College

Daystrom Academic Award - Recognizes a Cadet member's achievement of a yearly grade average of A or B. A copy of scholastic year end report card must be sent with the award nomination. Any grade through 12th grade is eligible.

Ribbon description - Brown Yellow
Devices - Large Bronze Star - "B" Average
              Large Silver Star - "A" Average

Silver Star Award - Recognizes any SFI Region One member who graduates in the Top Ten percent of his/her graduating class (Middle School/ High School/ College)

Ribbon description - Metallic Silver
Devices - Small Gold Star for subsequent awards