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Region One Star Cross

Citation   For the saving of a life or lives.  
Criteria   For saving or assisting in saving a life or lives with little or no risk.  An example would be giving someone CPR, rendering first aid, or assisting in a lifesaving effort.  Include any documentation and/or testimonial.

Ribbon Description        Teal Green

Devices   Bronze and Silver Oak Leaf for subsequent awards.


Mimi and John Lentz of the USS Yorktown. - Using CPR, they saved the life of an elderly woman who collapsed in the restaurant they were dining back in March.

Cmdr. Allen Owens and Ens Nancy Via-for saving a life by using the HEMILIECH maneuver on a victim who was choking.

Karen Donnelly, Dorothy Eckert(USS Alpha), Michelle Barratt and Suzi Buck(Highlander) -Karen Donnelly (USS Athena), Michelle Barratt (Highlander), and Dorothy Eckert  (USS Alpha Centauri) provided immediate assistance to a convention attendee who was quickly overcome by the heat standing in the autograph line. They cooled her down, keep her conscious and get her fluids while Suzi Buck (USS Highlander) went to get help from one of the costume panel people who is a retired EMT (Antoine, who is well known in the NVA/MD area).As a result of their quick thinking and actions, what was a very dangerous and life-threatening situation was brought under control.  They also worked with the patient to contact someone who could take her home and Michelle found safe, cool place for her to rest until her ride arrived.

Captain Tim Brown- USS Powhatan- if it was not for his thinking and knowledge on how to recognize the signs of respiratory distress an elderly friend that I was visiting would have died. Tim saw him and knew he was in trouble and put him on oxygen immediately.

Cmdr Donna Everence– USS TriStar– for quick thinking in saving the life of a choking 4 year old and doing what was necessary to save her life.

Ens. Kathy Cloud– USS TriStar– for quick thinking in saving the life of  her husband who was having a seizure and doing what was necessary to save his life.

Lt. Curtis Bellman– USS Ohio– for quick thinking successfully providing CPR on a co-worker who went into cardiac arrest.

PO/3  Jess Cox– USS Ohio– for assisting in saving the life of a motorist involved in an automobile accident.

Colonel Deidre Smith -USS NORMANDY  NCC-36000- For her timely  intervention in a life-threatening situation at the Region 01. Her alert and quick response prevented a young lady from making a tragic mistake, As a result, a life was saved.

Colonel Kimberly Brooks-USS NORMANDY -For her timely assistance in helping an elderly lady who sustained serious injuries from falling downstairs. The lady had been alone in her house for more than a day after the incident and if it weren’t for Col. Brooks deductive reasoning the lady would have surely did soon of dehydration and complications.

PO Toyna UpChurch – USS REPRISAL - For coming to the aid of a fellow crew member who was having a seizure. This officer’s quick thinking and personal attention to duty allowed her to assist her crew mate, by remove dangerous objects and keeping the victim’s air passage clear.

Captain Greg Franklin – USS REPRISAL - Saving the life of an elderly man. His training and quick thinking enabled him to  restore the victim’s breathing and informed the EMS of the victim’s true medical condition and was instrumental in saving the man’s life.

Ensign Don Everence – USS REPRISAL- Saving the life of an elderly man. Ens. Everence and quick thinking enabled him to come to the aid of a victim who was possibly in diabetic shock and informed the EMS of the victim’s true medical condition and was instrumental in saving the man’s life.

Fleet Captain Brian Moore – USS STARWARDFURY- for the quick thinking and action in saving the life of a fellow wheelchair bound crew member of was falling off of a steep and high ramp.

2LT Eric Livingston - USS RUTLEDGE-  risking personal safety and showing extreme bravery in rendering aid and comfort to victims in a motor vehicle accident and quick thinking in notifying the proper authorities so that professional attention could be rendered to the victims.

RADM David James -USS Francis Marion -On November 30th, following a luncheon of several SFI members, David's 7 year old daughter fell and broke her right arm. David, having first response and first aid training, quickly assessed Dakota's arm and found it broken. He quickly calmed the enough to allow him to stabilize it with a piece of wood and an ace bandage to reduce movement.

Commander Amy J Heffner - USS Gallifrey- On 10-12-2002  Amy came to the assistance of an fellow human who was having seizures. Amy's quick thinking, aid and assistance was instrumental in the saving of a life of this life and her abilities to managing a crisis situation is also noted.actions and aid, Dakota may have suffered more severe pain than she did as well as more damage to her arm.

Captain Gary Hollifield, Jr - Shuttle Hell's Fury -Gary Hollifield was involved in a medical emergency (Seizures). On July 24, 2003, Gary was with friends at a local Applebees when his best friend, Tyquan "Ty" Mitchell, said he had to go to the bathroom. After about ten minutes, they started to worry about Mr Mitchell and Gary went to go check on him. When he walked into the bathroom, Mr Mitchell was on the floor moaning and screaming, lying in his own blood. Gary ran and got the manager, who when into the bathroom with him and then call 9-1-1. Mr Mitchell was very incoherent, did not recognize anyone and tried to get off the floor but was restrained per the 9-1-1 operator's instructions. When EMS arrived at the location, Gary advised the medics that Tyquan has been on seizure medications.

Commander Tonya Martin - USS Reprisal - On Sept 13th, 2003 the Reprisal was holding her first annual Patriot Day Party, and during the Starfleet Bowl, Cmdr Martin became very ill with symptoms of heat exhaustion. Cmdr Tonya Martin was the first person to notice something was wrong with Fred. She quickly noticed that he was behaving strangely, slurring his speech, and not making any sense. Tonya realized the nature of this condition and immediately began to take action, She directed medical personnel to move the patient into the air conditioning, and to give him fluids. She also made the determination that he needed professional medical help and he was take to the emergency room. This was a very serious situation and probably saved Fred Martins life. Tonya is credit to her chapter, the region, and Fleet. Our crew would be in dire straits without her.

Commander Barbara Slater - USS Charleston- On October 19, 2003, Barbara discovered through asking questions that Jose Panganiban, our ships photographer, was having trouble breathing. Because he could not tell her how to get to his residence. She called EMS to come and get him. This action in all probability saved his life. An abscess from a recent neck surgery was pressing on this throat and cutting off air and foods. He was placed in the hospital In ICU and is recovering.

Rear Admiral Victor Swindell - USS Charleston- On 6-1-04 Admiral Swindell was on his way into work when he noticed the SUV behind him going extremely fast and about to hit him from behind. The driver realized this as well and slammed on his breaks, which caused him to swerve into the on coming traffic lane and hit another truck head on. Admiral Swindell stopped his vehicle in the median and immediately called 911 while rushing to check out the condition of the occupants of the truck.  Upon inspection of the scene he noticed that the driver has multiple head injuries and had part of the dash board imbedded in his knee. He asked any of the others who had came to assist if they had a towel or something to be used for the bleeding. He assisted in ministering to the wounds of the injured driver who was dazed and confused as well as keeping him focused and calm and not noticing the severity of his wounds. He had one of the spectators to stay with the driver while he went to check on the other driver.  This driver was OK, but slightly shaken. He then assisted in helping to direct traffic which was piling up until the police arrived. he then went back to check on the injured driver until the emergency crew arrived.  For his quick and decisive action and willingness aid an injured human being this award is deserved.

1st Lieutenant Harold Spears - USS Reprisal - On April 9th, 2004 Lieutenant Spears came to the aid of another person that had become choked on a sandwich. Sherry (the victim) could not breathe and began grasping her throat. She was in severe distress and Harold came to her rescue by performing the Heimlich maneuver. The victim was actually turning blue and was unable to breathe at all, but the chicken was dislodged by the Lieutenant's actions. Sherry was taken to the ER were physician Karl Lewis said that the victim would have probably died without Harold's intervention. 1st lieutenant Harold Spears is a credit to his chapter, the region, and the fleet.

P/O Carla Ackley - USS Jurassic -for saving a place of business (a restaurant) from being destroyed by a fire and possibly other buildings as well.  No one was aware the restaurant was on fire when Carla arrived.  It was full of people and Carla noticed the smell of smoke as she arrived in the parking lot.  She quickly alerted the management and got everyone out of the building thus saving lives as well as the business.

Fleet Captain Barbara Slater - USS Charleston - On Tuesday 30 December 2008 Barbara Slater used the Heimlich maneuver to eject a piece of bread stuck in Emily Lacey's throat. Barbara saved Emily's life by doing this, as Emily was already turning blue and lost control of bodily functions

Fleet Captain Walter V. Ewing - USS Indiana - For the actions and use of the Heimlich Maneuver to remove food stuck in the throat of his sister Diane.

Commander Alan Provo - USS Appomattox - For the action and use of CPR to safe a life.(210910.25)

 Commander Cindy Jenkins & LtCmdr Warren Jenkins- USS Dakota - For rendering aid and calling 911 after a woman collapsed outside of Jenkins home. The woman was suffering from heat exhaustion and because of the prompt attention given her by Cindy and Warren her life was saved according to the EMT's that reported to the incident.

Commander Michael Mann - USS Starleague - While at a football game he saved the life of a fan who was suffering aheart attack. (211005.14)