Final Frontier Award

Citation - Support of the Space program and/or Science fact

Criteria - SFI Region One recognizes that promoting today's space program may help bring about a 'Star Trek' like future. Members and units  who avidly keep abreast of and help educate and inform members and the public, are recognized with this award.

Ribbon Description - Cream

Devices - Bronze arrowhead for unit
LT JG Joe Lamantia, CSO of the USS Jurassic - For desseminating science news from the internet to crew members
and interested members. Writes regular Science dept. articles for ship's newsletter.

FCAPT Victor Swindell - USS Charleston - While serving as CSO he ran the most active dept. and published a monthly newsletter that promoted Science facts. He also initiated field trips and regular dept. meetings that involed discussing Trek Science.

Captain Gregory Sheets - USS Columbia - For initiating a USS Columbia "NASA Space Camp Scholarship", to send a deserving Wayne county Ohio youth to visit Space Camp.

Lt Cmdr Barbara Slater - USS Charleston - While serving as CSO, she has consistantly and persistantly published articles in the chapter's newsletter dealing with astronomy and space exploration. She has held two astronomy nights
at the local pier to do stargazing and educate the crew and passers by on just what the objects in the night sky are.

Commodore Wade A. Larkin - USS Revelation - his ongoing love for space is demonstrated by his many articles in his chapter's newsletter concerning the further exploration of space. He also sponsored a planeterium show for the last three years at the Reprisal's Mountain Rally.

Captain Gregory Franklin - USS Reprisal - for the development of the USS Reprisal's Space Camp program,  where local youth can be sent to the U.S. Space Camp. He has also written many articles for the chapter's newsletter concerning the exploration of space. He also co-sponsored the chapter Planeterium show. He is also an amteur astronomer.

Bryan Houseknecht - Shuttle Abermarle - Providing your Chapter with reports in every chapter newsletter on the current break throughs and news in Science and Space. He also gives a short discussion each and every meeting on a science topic either dealing with space, erath science,or how science is copying the science of 'Star Trek'.

Brigadier General John 'Kiwi' Kane,-USS Reprisal - For his endeavors in promoting the space program by creating a website showing the launch of the space shuttle Endeavour and reporting on this event for the chapter's newsletter.
John has helped with the USS Hornet's visit to the Discovery Place to see the ISS exhibit and thus fostering the educational aspect of the space program.

Colonel Jason Schreck - USS Jamestown - Over the past few years Jason has put in over 1500 hours of volunteer work at the Virginia Air and Space Center in Hampton, Va.  He has performed volunteer work as a tour guide at the center even though he is physically handicapped and needs a wheelchair to get around. The Center's primary objective is education and informing the public about flight, space flight, space science and science in general.

PO 1 Denise Clark- USS Jurassic - She created a service for the crew of the Jurassic called The Science Station and it consists of the latest science and space news. This is compiled and sent to the Jurassic listserv on a regular basis. It has summaries of stories with more information about them. She also includes questions that cause interesting discussions on the list, and often funny answers. (210403)
Eric W. Larkin - USS Reprisal - Eric has long been a supporter of space exploration and has done many things for the crew of the Reprisal to foster greater knowledge in that area. Eric has hosted 5 stargazing events at his home as well as sponsoring trips to the Bays Mtn Planeterium attended by Reprisal crew members. As the publisher of the Reprisal newsletter he ensures that articles about space and space exploration are included (210805.03)
Rear Admiral Darlene Harper - USS Columbus- For her tireless dedication in the promoting of Region One Space Camp Scholarship program as well as her setting up of a booth every year at the Columbus International Festival whereby she shows the progression of the space program into the future which could be Star Trek

Dawn Jenkins - USS Jurassic NCC-3500 - promoting NASA and space program. Reporting Jurassic crew about NASA and space program. Continuing development curriculum for Mars Mission that she and Nancy Hall are incorporating into the Explorer Post 633 activity. (210910.25)

Ltjg Alan Steinberg - USS Columbia -
For the past two years he has served as a member of Yuri's Night global executive team that works to coordinate and assist in execution of Yuri's night celebration promoting space exploration. Served as national point of contact for United States for space generation advisory council 2008-2010 (211009.10)
Vice Admiral Darlene Harper - USS Columbus- Again this year, 2011 she has made displays highlighting the space program and the possible connection to Star Trek for the Columbus Int'l Festival, Mid Ohio Con and several events at Starbase Columbus.She also has developed a SFA school for the history of the manned space program.

James Carnell Eubanks - USS Star League - starting the project to get signatures on a card that was sent the the crew of the final Space Shuttle Mission