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The awards listed on the links appearing on the side bar on the left are officially recognized by SFI Region One. These regional awards recognize SFI Region One members, units and associates for outstanding and significant duty, deeds, accomplishments and achievements. Awards that are issued by other programs in the Region, such as the RDC program are not listed in this manual.

These awards are recognized from the starship (chapter) level to the regional international level, thus in order to keep the program as simple as possible, there are no different levels of the same awards. Instead, the awards are appropriate for the action or accomplishment being cited.

Carefully read the award criteria in order to determine the appropriate award for recommendation. All awards are listed in the descending order or precedence. An explanation of the ribbons and devices are described in the awards manual.

All awards are sent pdf file. If you would like the award certificate mailed to you then a SASE is needed

Annual Awards will be presented at the Region One Summit. 
Non Annual Awards may be given anytime throughout the year or at the Region One Summit

All Region One Awards recipients are listed on the corresponding wall of honor page. Awards pages are updated as soon as awards are presented to recipients.

2015 Annual Awards recipients
Chapter of the Year - USS Helen Pawlowski 

Chapter activities:  Chapter had 100% Reporting on Time for 2015.

- Collected 737 Campbell Soup Labels/Box Tops for Education
- Conducted monthly online gaming session of Modern Warfare: Ghost/Black Ops III for a total of 12 sessions.
- Chapter donated 1 bag of cloths to a local church in November.
- Chapter donated 19 cans of food to a local food bank in November.
- Chapter Marine unit sponsored the Toys for Tots which collected 17 toys in 2015.
- Chapter sponsored four children at the local Angel Tree in December by getting each child an outfit and toy.
- Chapter donated 21 cans of food to a local food bank in December.
- Members completed 557 SFA courses and 2 SFMCA courses
- Supported 4 chapters in training (USS Bellerophon, USS George Washington, USS Gallifrey and the Panther)
- Chapter attended ALL American Week activities at Ft. Bragg NC in May, supporting our Soldiers of the 82nd ABN Division in athletic games, and a troop pass in review to finish up the week.
- Chapter awarded the R1 Best Website for 2014, and the Chapter of Excellence for 2014 during the R1 Summit 2015.
- Chris and Maxwell Miller completed their Eagle Projects
- Chris Miller placed 1st in Shotput and 2nd in Discus in the St. Louis JV Conference Track Meet – making him the top JV shotputter and second best discus thrower in the entire St. Louis area!
- Members attended several movies recently, including “Kingmen” , "Avengers" and "STARWARS movies.
- Members attended the 20th annual St. Louis Microfest Beer Festival in Forest Park, St. Louis, Mo. and the outdoor City of Wildwood, MO, concert on May 15th
- Members attended the recent Comic Con held in St. Louis, MO. and the annual Art Fair at Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis, MO.
- Members took part in Safety Day at the Chesterfield Valley Athletic Complex, Chesterfield, MO. and the Lewis & Clark Heritage Days at Frontier Park on the riverfront in St. Charles, MO.
- Members attended two annual events on Memorial Day weekend: the annual Greek Fest and the 43rd Gypsy Caravan (extra large rummage sale) and got some great pictures at the annual Camera Day at the World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park, MO.
- Members supported several community charity events including the Ronald McDonald Children’s Charities and supported the 5th annual Peter Navarro Patriot BBQ at Lafayette High School, St. Louis, MO, benefitting Backstoppers
- Members supported the 3rd annual Tour de Wellness, Chesterfield, MO. and supported the Disabled American Veterans through clothing donation.
- Members did two significant paper and electronic recycling runs in May.
- Members attended 4th of July activities at Ft Bragg.
- Members visited the USS North Carolina Battleship
- Members enjoyed the Missouri Botanical Garden’s celebration of the 215th birthday of founder Henry Shaw; and the Garden’s annual Lantern Festival
- Members enjoyed two open air concerts by the City of Wildwood, Missouri
- Members enjoyed the annual Celebrate Wildwood event and Founder’s Day celebration on August 28-29, Wildwood, Missouri.
- Members donated several bags of used warm clothing to the annual Warner’s Winter Warmup at Chesterfield City Hall.
- Chapter held its annual Halloween Party
- Members enjoyed many local holiday light shows including the annual light show at Tilles Park
- Members enjoyed the annual Candlelight Holiday at Faust Historical Village, Faust Park, Chesterfield, Missouri



Region activities: The Chapter is very active with the First Brigade SFMC. Paul Dyl serves as the Bde S1, and the BDE website webmaster. During the Bde Muster at the R1 Summit 2015, Paul Dyl awarded the SFMC Cross of Valor, Brigade Service Commendation, Leader’s Commendation, and Community Service; David Miller awarded the SFMC Shield of Valor, Brigade Achievement and Community Service; Paul G Dyl awarded the SFMC Star of Valor, Brigade Achievement, and Community Service; Nikki Miller awarded the SFMC Community Service; Maxwell Miller awarded the SFMC Community Service; Christopher Miller awarded the SFMC Community Service; Chapter MSG the 120th MSG was awarded the SFMC Legion of Valor, Meritorious Unit Citation and the Chapter was awarded the SFMC Naval Unit Citation.

- Chapter submitted several chapter reports for the R1 newsletter.

- Chapter member responsible for the new Bde Logo

Paul Dyl redesigned the Bde website


Fleet activities: Chapter supports the STARFLEET SFSO program with the chapter CO serving as the SFSO Awards Director, SFSO MACO Certification Officer and the Assistant Deputy Director, Support.

Paul Dyl also created and published the SFSO Awards Manual, SFSO Uniform Manual, SFSO Training Manual and the SFSO Operations Manual. Also including the updating and webmastering for the SFSO website.

Chapter member is the SFA Flag Officer School Director, SFA The Gorn Academy Assistant Director and the SFMCA Infantry Branch Director.

- Paul C Dyl awarded the SFMC Cross of Honor and the SFMC STARFLEET Cross during IC2015.

- David Miller awarded the SFMC STARFLEET Cross and SFMC Achievement award during IC 2015.

- Paul G Dyl award the SFMC Leaders Commendation and SFMC Achievement Award during IC 2015.

- 120th MSG was awarded the SFMC Meritorious Unit Citation during IC2015.

- Paul C Dyl awarded the SFA Red Squad and Gold Squad Member awards.

- Dave Miller awarded the SFA Red Squad Member award.

- Paul G Dyl awarded the SFA Blue Squad Member award.

- Paul Dyl completed 22 SFSO Award Certificate templates.

- The chapter has several members involved in STARFLEET Medical and Petfleet


How does your chapter demonstrate the meaning and spirit of STARFLEET this year? (This is what we send to SFI for Annual Awards)

Submission not to exceed 750 words


During the year 2015, the USS Helen Pawlowski embraced and exemplified the core components that STARFLEET stands for. First, as an organization that embraces the ideas and concepts that Gene Roddenberry envisioned, the USS Helen Pawlowski exemplifies the concept of "Let Me Help" by its participation in numerous community service projects that are specifically designed to help those in need. The chapter does this through activities conduct throughout the year such as supporting children during the holiday seasons by collecting toys and cloths for children through the Angle Tree project and the Toys for Tots. This year as mentioned above, the chapter sponsored 4 children from the local Angel Tree and collected 17 toys for the Toys for Tots. The chapter further participated by helping a local food bank by collecting a total of 33 cans of food. The chapter also donated several bags of used clothing to a local shelter. We also have several members who volunteer time with the Boy Scouts, Church Clothing and Food Banks and assist with the local veterans groups. The chapter also supports our local Soldiers who are deployed with care packages. In 2015 the chapter sent 11 care packages.

Another component of STARFLEET is education. The USS Helen Pawlowski exemplifies this by supporting several annual trips to educational activities including trips to the NC Zoo, NC Aquarium, Ft. Fischer State Park, Tour of the USS North Carolina Battleship and several museum trips. The chapter also supports both SFA and SFMCA, ranging from members taking courses and serving as directors.

The last component of STARFLEET is having fun! We do this not only through the participation in the other two components mentioned above, but also through activities like cookouts with the chapter sponsoring three in 2015. Other ways include participation in programs like the SFMC and SFSO and STARFLEET Medical.


Chapter of Excellence (runner up) USS Ronald E McNair

Chapter Activities/ Accomplishments :: CO filed all MSRs on time for the year

As a crew we went on an away mission 
to the Carolina Renaissance Festival. We were joined by USS Robins CO KC Finch and his wife Daylin. 
We  invited SC and NC chapters to our 21st anniversary dinner. We held anniversary dinner in Charlotte,NC where two of our members live. We have put flyers in books at the local library as well as in comic storesin the local area
. XO and CO play Star Trek attack Wing. They try to recruit at gaming store by putting out flyers and mentioning the chapter.

Regional/Sectional Accomplishments/Participation
 Barbara Lariscy is R1 RDC Counselors as well as a member of the R1 Chapter Care panel. Pam Michaud is R1 Awards Director and SFSO Ass’t Deputy Director Intelligence Operations as well as a member of the Region One Chapter Care panel. DJ Powers serves as RDC Medical

Barbara Lariscy, Stephen, Stott and Pam Michaud have submitted articles for  
the R1 Channel One and the RC Newsletter"First Contact" and SFI CQ.
All dept heads report to their respective R1 RDCs.

Community/Charitable Service :: 

Pam and family helped gather toys and clothing to donate to those affected by the floods in SC October 2015. Pam and has been knitting baby booties and blankets for Birthright.Maxwell donated about $50.00 in books to the local library and about $25.00 for Toys for Tots. 
Max in addition to being a member of the McNair is a junior member of Dudes and Dollz  which is a part of the Satin Dollz social club. Dudes and Dollz helps foster civic responsibility by volunteering and giving back to the community. Max assisted in trunk or treat for underprivileged youth, feeding the homeless and distributing Christmas gifts to the homeless. Max and his Mother, a meber of Satin Dollz and the McNair also helped prepare  meals for families staying at the Ronald McDonald House. They participate in Bingo at a local nursing home as well as car washes for various charties. Michelle also knits baby blankets for birthright. For 2015 Max recycled a total of 20 lbs of recyclables.He also sold $100.00 in citrus for his school’s band fund raiser

Janice Schweikert, lives in Ohio as part of her church's sewing circle made baby clothes  for a local charity that helps teenage mothers. Volunteers at historical  
society, donated to Goodwill.

Larry Kirby and Deborah Hill donated blood as well as donating items to  
charities of four conventions they attended. Donated to Goodwill and His  

Caroline Signol lives in France donated blood

Chitiaka Henry, lives in California, volunteered as unofficial co-leader/official adult helper of  
the Brownies troop on the Air Force base her husband is stationed at.  
February-June help started a sub-group of EFMP support group for those with  
and caretakers of those with chronic conditions. Co-admin of EFMP Facebook  
page for the base. Mike donates blood and participates in an online gaming challenge to raise funds for children in hospitals.

Kenneth Robison participated in the 2015 Veteran's Day Parade as a soldier  
from the Spanish American War. 

Barbara Lariscy saves coca cola bottle caps and uses the points earned as  
donation to Special Olympics. She also takes members grocery shopping and  
to Dr appts.

Stephen Stott donated $100.00 to the Salvation Army Relief effort for those affected by floods in SC October 2015.

How does your chapter demonstrate the meaning and spirit of STARFLEET this  
 The total combined experience of the McNair command staff is 50 years.
The McNair is a vastly varied and interesting crew. We have  members in California, Georgia and Paris, France as well as here in SC. We have three 

members that are sight challenged. Two are totally blind and another with very  
limited sight. Both members are active members with the McNair as well as  
community service wise. Our members have done a remarkable job in 2015 with  
their community service. 

Maxwell and Pam Michaud donated about $50.00 in books to local library
Maxwell donated 140 box tops for education to Caughman Rd Elementary school.  
Donated items to Goodwill. Pam Michaud donated 25 jars of baby food and 6  
boxes of baby cereal to harvest Hope Food bank. Max participated in the  
American Heart Assn jump rope for heart program at his school. He raised  
the most money amongst the participants $140.00.
Janice Schweikert as part of her church's sewing circle made baby clothes  
for a local charity that helps teenage mothers. Volunteers at historical  
society, donated to Goodwill.
Larry Kirby and Deborah Hill donated blood as well as donating items to  
charities of four conventions they attended. Donated to Goodwill and His  
Caroline Signol donated blood. Chitiaka Henry volunteered as unofficial co-leader/official adult helper of  the Brownies troop on the Air Force base her husband is stationed at.  

February-June help started a sub-group of EFMP support group for those with  
and caretakers of those with chronic conditions. Co-admin of EFMP Facebook  
page for the base.
Kenneth Robison participated in the 2015 Veteran's Day Parade as a soldier  
from the Spanish American War. Kenneth works hard at volunteering for Civil War re-enactments and programs.

Barbara Lariscy saves coca cola bottle caps and uses the points earned as  
donation to Special Olympics. She also takes members grocery shopping and  
to Dr appts.
Our crew is very motivated and never have to be reminded that we adhere to  

the motto "Let Me Help". The crew is always there when we have an away  
mission or a charitable event. Our CO contacted McNair members and SC chapters after the rains and flooding suffered by the state October to make sure they were ok.

We always invite NC and SC chapters to our  meetings, away missions and community service events. The CO of the USS Robins KC Finch and his wife Daylin joined us on our away mission to the Renaissance Festival. It's really hard to explain how diverse people and diverse personalities come together to make  
us who we are. We embrace IDIC. We are proud to bear the name Ronald E.  
McNair and we do our best to keep his dream alive. We work hard at community service and try to  
make our presence known in the community. When recruiting we meet people  
who say they like Star Trek but don't wish to belong to a fan club.  
This at times makes recruiting an arduous task, yet we still try to  
recruit. We do our best with what we have and can do for community service.  
I believe we had 23 charities benefit from our community service. I could  
go on and on about what makes us a great group of people. I believe the  
things listed under Chapter, Regional and Fleet activities/ accomplishments  
speak for themselves.

Class of Excellence (CO of the Year)  Carnell Eubanks   USS Star League

During his second full year as CO of the USS Star League, Carnell Eubanks has performed exceptionally in the categories of leadership, administration, promotion of STARFLEET ideals from local to international, and community service. He received a STARFLEET promotion to Commodore in 2015.

As a leader, Carnell models the service he elicits from the crew. Following the style of Captain Picard, Carnell guides the planning of our events at all briefings to ensure maximum input from the crew. Once the events are conceived, he encourages the crew to take command of them and assists as needed. For example, the crew decided to participate in a Christmas parade this year; Carnell asked for volunteers to join a Float Committee, and a crewmember to chair it. Cindy Krell volunteered to lead and assembled her committee. Throughout the year, Cindy held meetings to design the float, to secure the materials needed, to construct it, and to arrange for a truck and trailer. Carnell attended everything and assisted as needed. He participated fully (200 hours during ten months), but allowed his crew to maintain ownership of the project. This is a mark of a great leader – one who can inspire his crew to perform and to accomplish meaningful tasks, with minimal guidance. The crew was pleased with the float, which we displayed in the parade and at our December food drive. 

Carnell presided similarly over other events: the two food drives held at Regal Cinemas; the Barnes and Noble Gift Wrap for charity; the two gaming events held at the Augusta Book Exchange; and the Trunk or Treat at Fort Gordon. Carnell devoted a dozen hours planning our weekend away missions and ten days attending them: the campout (with trainings), Medieval Times (Atlanta), the ghost tour (Savannah), and DragonCon (Atlanta). He arranged local activities for those who couldn’t beam away, and he attended them all, including eight movies, an ice cream social, and the Apollo 13 speech by Gene Kranz and Jim Lovell. 

Carnell ensured we had crewmembers attend the Region One Summit in 2015 (assisting them with online purchasing), and kept the crew attuned to regional news. He served for two months as RDC of R1 Logos and Graphics, and after stepping down as RDC, continued to serve as an artist for the department. Additionally, he served the region by helping with graphics for summit 2015 and serving on the team for summit 216, designing games and graphics. Carnell kept the crew informed of fleet news; contributed articles and photos to the R1 newsletter and the Communiqué; and engaged STARFLEET to support the fleet-wide Trimble project. He participated in a regional bowling challenge and produced a recruiting video for our webpage, with photos spanning the chapter’s life, and taking YouTube trainings to support this and other filming projects. Carnell sets the example for the crew by his active participation in the region and the fleet. 

Carnell’s devotion to promoting STARFLEET through ship events is not his only strength -- he is also an adept administrator. In addition to submitting detailed MSRs, he chronicles our adventures with Star Trek flair in articles and photos published in our ship’s newsletter. He spent 20 hours composing nominations for regional and fleet awards, and another 6 hours designing and preparing ship awards. In the absence of a quartermaster, Carnell designed, ordered and delivered the ship’s crew shirts. He keeps track of all personnel files and ship property -- an excellent steward of our chapter. 

Carnell is committed to community service. He held an “Edith Keeler” day, honoring volunteers; worked the Barnes & Noble gift wrap to support two charities (Toys for Tots and Hispanic children); worked two twelve-hour food drives benefiting Golden Harvest Food Bank; and provided treats for military children at the Trunk or Treat at Fort Gordon. He donated his services as a photographer in Burnettown, SC, and at DragonCon for the Star Trek photoshoot, and supported charities through his employer, such as chili cook-offs and bowling tournaments. He donated to our ship’s “Help Our Own” fund, and recycled aluminum cans to benefit our cadets. 

Carnell expanded the scope of our ship activities by creating new ones, such as the Trunk or Treat, the ghost tour of Savannah, and the Christmas parade float. He is a font of imagination and creativity, which keeps the crew engaged and excited. We stand, respectfully, beside our CO and appreciate his efforts to make us a stellar ship. As his XO, I am honored to serve with him.


Jonathan Archer Award (rookie CO)  KC Finch   USS Robins

  I would like to nominate Captain Kristopher Finch for the Johnathan Archer Award. For the many years I have known him KC as we call him has been the inspiration to our Chapter and Crew. He has spear headed to make the crew more active in region.  KC took command of the Robins May 8, 2015. He has done a lot to make sure as a correspondence chapter to get the ones out of town involve as much as possible.  For Christmas, KC  had the local members send Christmas presents to the out of town members so they know we were thinking about them. KC started a online google chat so that we can get in touch with members and have meetings right in the living room through Skype. KC keeps the other SC chapters apprised of Robins activities, inviting them the Targ Hunt, and New Years Eve party at his house. KC and his wife, Daylin joined the USS Ronald E McNair on their away mission to the Renaissance Festival in NC.

Right now we are in the works of getting ready for the new star trek movie and do some recruiting. He is a true Star Trek Fan and he cares a lot for his crew and Starfleet. We have enjoyed having him a commander of the ship and his ideas to keep the chapter going. He has always listen to the crew keeping a sympathetic ear open. Always open to new ideas for us to have fun and to do community activity in our area.


R1 Medal Flag Officer of the Year  Jana Sandarg   USS Star League

Jana Sandarg helps the  
captain of the USS Star League run the ship by serving as XO, ship's  
counselor, and the financial officer. As the XO, she takes minutes at crew  
briefings and distributes them to those who do not have email. She updates  
and sends the crew roster, welcomes new members and alerts those whose  
memberships are about to expire. Sandarg also donates items to the Ferengi  
Market and helps with the raffle and collection of funds. She helps create  
the ship's awards and composes nominations for regional and fleet awards.
She fills in for departments without a DC, such as Operations and  
Engineering. In this capacity, she plans events, makes all arrangements,  
coordinates schedules and completes follow-up activities. She reserves the  
library for briefings, hotels for away missions, campsites and venues for  
charitable activities. Two annual events that require a major commitment of  
time and effort are the Gift Wrap at Barnes and Noble and the food drives  
for Golden Harvest Food Bank. Sandarg signs the contract with Barnes and  
Noble; schedules workers in uniform to wrap gifts and recruit shoppers;  
buys toys with the donations; and delivers half the toys to Toys for Tots  
and half to the Spanish club of Georgia Regents University (GRU), which  
donates them to needy Hispanic children. The food drives are biannual  
events held at the Regal Cinema 20, which serve to collect food and money 
for Golden Harvest, while crew members recruit in Star Trek uniforms for STARFLEET. Publicity involves setting up posters in the theater the week prior to the event and posting the information on the Golden Harvest web page. Preparation, work shifts, collecting the donations, break down and the visit to Golden Harvest to deliver goods are time consuming, but rewarding tasks. Sandarg orchestrates the events, ensuring that all crew members have opportunities to participate – even volunteering to find rides for those who need them. 
Two new events this year that required a lot of planning were the Away Mission (campout) and the Ghost Tour in Savannah. The three-day campout included special trainings for the crew, scavenger hunts, culinary adventures (alien concoctions) and tours for our newest cadet – all arranged by Sandarg. In keeping with Star Trek episode “Cat’s Paws,” the crew journeyed to Savannah, Georgia, during Halloween, to walk the cemeteries at midnight with a master story teller. We also sampled a libation similar to one of Quark’s concoctions, as we compared our ship to those navigating the Savannah River. Sandarg helped make all arrangements and facilitated the convoy. 

A major event for 2015 was the Evans Christmas Parade float. Sandarg helped schedule five work days for constructing the float; donated materials; helped build the float; provided drinks and one lunch; signed the contract for our entry; participated in the parade and coordinated break-down and storage. The float promoted Star Trek and helped us recruit for STARFLEET.
Two events that supported STARFLEET were the Book Exchange Halloween contest, where we recruited in Star Trek uniforms, and the article and photos Sandarg submitted to the Communiqué on the Apollo 13 mission control director Gene Kranz and astronaut Jim Lovell, who spoke at Georgia Regents University in April. Sandarg also recruited for STARFLEET by attending DragonCon events in her Star Trek uniform and posing for group photos of over a hundred attendees clad in Trek uniforms. 
Her work with charity extends beyond our ship. She coordinates the GRU Spanish club Christmas collection for needy Hispanic families and prepares Christmas baskets of items she donates to 24 shut-ins at her church. This year she participated in doughnut sales, a bazaar and a walkathon benefiting a cancer victim, David Brinson. She also taught several classes for Gerlinde Brinson so she could be with her husband during treatments in Emory Hospital. Sandarg embodies the spirit of STARFLEET and represents the fleet well in her community.


R1 Medal Officer of the Year - Robin Fleming USS Freedom

LTJG Robin Fleming is a member of the USS Freedom and currently serves as the Chief Engineering Officer. LTJG Fleming joined STARFLEET and the USS Freedom on March 31, 2015 and with in the past nine months, has truly demonstrated what a STARFLEET Officer is all about. LTJG Fleming started out as an Engineering Tech and quickly started to take SFA exams like Officer's Training School and Officer Command College. She then became an Engineering Officer and in that position she reported to her department chief 100% on time each month and volunteered each and every time to work on department and chapter projects. LTJG Fleming was asked to head up the Medical Department and she do so with enthusiasm and gave her 100%. LTJG Fleming reported every month 100% of thee time. She kept in contact with all department members to include our cadets to include sending them coloring activities and games. LTJG also submitted several articles to the crew about medical topics such as Heat injury prevention, Cold injury prevention, basic first aid prevention and several other related topics. As a Bridge Officer, LTJG Fleming has support the chapter and the Command by supporting all activities and projects, even those that she could not participate physically in do to the distance of where she resides. The chapter has a Forums site and LTJG Fleming has been the top officer to support it and made posts to keep the crew informed. LTJG also participates in both the Chapter's SFMC and SFSO units. LTJG Fleming also support the chapter Community Service and Charity activities, which also reflects positively on the Region and Fleet. LTJG Fleming donated several bags of clothing and has volunteered over 15 hours at a local Senior Center. LTJG Fleming is the only officer who listens and responds to the chapter CO about regional issues for which the CO requested input on before responding to the Regional Coordinator. At the Fleet level LTJG has participated and support in a significant way, first, she has volunteered and serves as a Director for both the SFA Plasma Technology and the SFA Law Enforcement Resources. She has also supported bith the SFA and SFMCA by her participation in which in 9 nine months, she completed a total of 317 courses and awarded 5 SFA Boothby awards. LTJG Fleming also certified in two SFA BOCP certificates, one being the Chief Medical Officer and the other the Chief Engineering Officer. As her Commanding Officer and as a member of several chapters over my 20+ years in STARFLEET, LTJG Robin Fleming is an excellent officer that exemplifies what a STARFLEET Officer is and has to offer. Her motivation, dedication and loyalty to her Chapter, Region, Fleet and to the dream of Gene Roddenberry that brings us all together.


R1 Medal Cadet of the Year Maxwell Michaud   USS Ronald E McNair

Maxwell  is an eleven year old cadet who is a great asset to the ship. 2015 saw him being promoted in May 2015 from fifth grade to sixth grade. Max made the B honor roll for the year as a fifth grader. Max started sixth grade at Crayton Middle School August 2015. He takes four AAP (Accelerated Academic Program) courses in addition to band and other courses. His AAP courses are Science, Math, Language Arts (English) and Social Studies. Max has made the A&B honor roll the past two semesters. Max plays the trombone and participated in the school’s winter concert. Max participated in the school band’s fundraiser here they sold citrus. He sold about $100.00 worth of citrus

He has been to all of the McNair meetings for the year including our 21st anniversary dinner. He has gone on away missions as well.

Max donated items to Goodwill and donated 20 books to the local library.He also helped get together toys and clothing to donate to those affected by the floods suffered in Columbia, SC October 2015.  Max in addition to being a member of the McNair is a junior member of Dudes and Dollz  which is a part of the Satin Dollz social club. Dudes and Dollz helps foster civic responsibility by volunteering and giving back to the community. Max assisted in trunk or treat for underprivileged youth, feeding the homeless and distributing Christmas gifts to the homeless. Max also helped prepare a meal for families staying at the Ronald McDonald House. For 2015 Max recycled a total of 20 lbs of recyclables.During the summer Max works with his father, who runs a small landscaping business. Max is a hard and conscientious worker. This is evident by him maintaining an B average for the school year as well as making the honor roll all four quarters at Caughman Rd Elementary School. For his efforts he received the Academic Achievement Award, Silver, signed by President Barack Obama. This award was given to students for maintaining an B average for the school year.

Max gets along great with the crew. He’s always ready to go to a meeting or away mission. His favorite mission is when we go to the Renaissance Festival each year. He likes the paintball and archery games. We call them his training for the ship. I wish we had more cadets on the McNair like Max. Max is our only cadet.


Edith Keeler  Kenneth Cheek USS Odin

Ken has dedicated several  
hundred hours of charitable service in 2015, and his efforts deserve  
recognition. I will list the each event and the time below:

- Veterans Home Volunteer; 100 hours of visiting and talking with fellow  
vets, letting them know they are not forgotton.
- Food Pantry; 300 hours, stocking, and passing out food to those in need.
- Homeless Shelter; 30 hours, passing out food and supplies to the local  
homeless, and helping the shelter stay clean and safe.
-Habitat for Humanity; 60 hours helping to build new homes for those in need

The amount of selfless time he has spent helping others is proof to me that  
Commander Cheek far surpasses the requirements of any standard officer, his  
dedication brings great credit upon himself, the USS Odin, and STARFLEET.





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