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The awards listed on the links appearing on the side bar on the left are officially recognized by SFI Region One. These regional awards recognize SFI Region One members, units and associates for outstanding and significant duty, deeds, accomplishments and achievements. Awards that are issued by other programs in the Region, such as the RDC program are not listed in this manual.

These awards are recognized from the starship (chapter) level to the regional international level, thus in order to keep the program as simple as possible, there are no different levels of the same awards. Instead, the awards are appropriate for the action or accomplishment being cited.

Carefully read the award criteria in order to determine the appropriate award for recommendation. All awards are listed in the descending order or precedence. An explanation of the ribbons and devices are described in the awards manual.

All awards are sent pdf file. If you would like the award certificate mailed to you then a SASE is needed

Annual Awards will be presented at the Region One Summit. 
Non Annual Awards may be given anytime throughout the year or at the Region One Summit

All Region One Awards recipients are listed on the corresponding wall of honor page. Awards pages are updated as soon as awards are presented to recipients.

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