About Us

The Upper Haight is in the center of San Francisco, at the eastern end of Golden Gate Park.  Members of the Haight Ashbury Improvement Association are proud of this neighborhood for its heritage, beauty, and diversity.

As one of San Francisco's few joint resident and merchant neighborhood associations, we strive to improve the quality of life, beauty and safety of our community.  Members of HAIA are renters, home owners, shop owners, artists, business people, professionals, entrepreneurs and others.  The wide variety of interests and needs causes HAIA to be involved in a number of ways in the betterment of the Upper Haight neighborhood.

Twenty-seven merchant members make up HAIA's merchant group.  The resident membership is in excess of 130 and growing.  As a results-driven organization, an overall focus on the appearance, integrity and viability of the Haight Street merchant corridor is one of our primary concerns.  It draws thousands of tourists to the unique collection of shops and merchandise found on Haight.  A diverse group of restaurants offer visitors and residents alike a selection of cuisines and prices, making it easy to find both tasty edibles and choices sure to accommodate just about everyone.

We believe our neighborhood, with its rich historical past, is well positioned to be San Francisco's leading community of the future.  Home ownership is on the increase, meaning that more people are putting down roots here while making an investment in the Haight.  Traditional Victorian buildings are being improved and rehabilitated while new projects continue to expand the range of styles of local architecture. Improving the quality of life means that HAIA members want to expand the beauty of their housing by working to eliminate graffiti, litter and other signs of disregard for the Haight.

We believe the merchants and residents need to work together to achieve results.  HAIA supports retail establishments that serve the needs of the surrounding community.  Drawing residents back to Haight Street will decrease the dependence upon tourism, and the attendant ebbs and flows of economic forces.

HAIA is open to all persons who live, work, or own property in the general boundaries of Fulton Street to the North, 17th Street to the South, Divisadero Street to the East, and Arguello Street to the West.

Board of Directors

David Drabkin

Membership Chair

Christian Cebrian


Ted Loewenberg


Lorraine Lucas


Maura McCarthy

Resident Member

David Crommie

Resident Member

Cameron Shaw

Resident Member

Susan Strolis

Resident Chair

Kent Uyehara

Merchant Chair

Merchant Members

HAIA encourages all residents to shop locally and buy from stores within our neighborhood.  We believe it is essential to the character of our district to fuel a thriving commercial area.