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HAIA Positions

Haight Street Commercial Corridor
HAIA believes the long term viability of this commercial strip is best served by increasing the number of neighborhood-serving business. The economic swings that result from heavy dependence on the tourist trade will cause businesses to fail on a regular basis, due to high rents or a failing economy, or both. We believe in increasing the interaction of merchants and local residents, and promote events, strategies and practices that encourage locals to "come back to Haight Street." 

Safety on Haight
HAIA strongly supports and works closely with the SFPD to ensure that groups that pose a hazard to visitors, merchants and residents are prevented from claiming territory in the Upper Haight. We are calling for a Sit-Lie law, just like Berkeley's, to be implemented, thus giving our police officers the ability to act without an accompanying citizen's arrest process. HAIA announced the availability of a $100 rebate to merchants (Safer Streets Program) who install a security camera system for capturing images of vandalism and other illegal acts. It is hoped the cameras will deter some of these criminal activities, and aid the police in prosecution when necessary.

Homeless Services
HAIA wants the City of San Francisco to demand more accountability and responsibility from non-profit service providers in the community. These programs need to be effective at reducing the runaway youth population and housing the homeless with substance abuse problems. Thorough audits and far-reaching reforms are urgently needed to improve the performance of the non-profit sector.

Whole Foods Market
HAIA has worked closely with the developer of the 690 Stanyan Street project to be a successful grocery store desperately needed in the community and provide needed rental housing. A revised version of the project (without housing) will use the old Cala store with significant revision by Whole Foods Markets, which HAIA supports. We look forward to a long term plan for the entire Haight-Stanyan area.

Farmers' Market
HAIA will sponsor the Pacific Coast Farmers' Market Association. We will continue to work with PCFMA to integrate this weekly event into our community.

Waller Street Skateboard Park
HAIA will remain neutral with regard to support or objection to a proposed skateboard plaza.
HAIA Accomplishments

  • Working alongside other neighborhood groups and Bay to Breakers race organizers, HAIA significantly reduced the impact of alcohol on this annual event.
  • As expected, Whole Foods has become a permanent fixture of Haight Street.  Likewise, the Haight Street Market finished their expansion in mid-year, leading to a thriving and improved shopping experience.  Finally, the return of the second installation of the Upper Haight Farmers' Market resulted in still another successful season for regional growers.
  • In regards to SFMTA's proposed Oak Street bike lane project, HAIA commentary prompted an alternative plan that is both safer and less costly to implement.
  • HAIA members have actively worked with neighbors and the Recreation & Park Department to implement a community garden plan at the site of the former recycling operation at Frederick and Arguello.
  • HAIA celebrated the long-anticipated opening of a local artisan ice cream maker, The Ice Cream Bar, in January 2012.
  • In fairness to merchants and residents, HAIA advocated for food trucks and parklets to adhere to City rules.
  • HAIA website overhaul.
  • The Planning Commission approved the scaled down Whole Foods Market plan, with strong HAIA support.  Planning also approved the expansion of the Haight Street Market, effectively doubling their floor space.
  • The weekly Upper Haight Farmers Market opened on Waller Street in April, and ran strong to the seasonal 
    close in October.
  • Members supported community-serving business plans before the Planning Commission, including Coco-luxe's expanded ability to sample wine with a selection of fine chocolates.
  • HAIA joined with other neighborhood groups to both denounce the conduct of out-of-control persons during the Bay to Breakers this year, in addition to working with those groups and AEG, the race organizer, to rein in the 2011 running, it's 100th anniversary.
  • HAIA joined other neighborhood organizations of the Upper Haight to call for the removal of the recycling center from Golden Gate Park, and replace the industrial enterprise with a community garden.
  • HAIA spearheaded the citywide support of the Civil Sidewalks Ordinance, which gives police officers the ability to intervene when bad behaviors are exhibited on city sidewalks.
  • Supported Park Branch renovation plans and schedules
  • Worked to revive plans for Whole Foods in existing structure at 690 Stanyan
  • Supported CocoLuxe for liquor license to pair wine tasting with chocolate
  • Provided critical support for having an alcohol-free Bay to Breakers
  • Supported application of AgeSong for senior care facility at Page & Masonic
  • Gained commitment to begin a Farmers' Market at Waller and Stanyan, through legislation
  • Focused attention on the safety of Haight Street and presence of street thugs
  • Supported restrictions on more "head shops" in the Upper Haight and improved Planning process to involve the community in change of uses.
  • Supported the Whole Foods / Housing Plan at the Planning Commission EIR and CUP hearings
  • Provided significant input to development design and community use at 690 Stanyan
  • Called for dramatic reform of Bay to Breakers race conduct (alcohol, litter, broken glass, human waste)
  • Transitioned to new leadership smoothly
  • Won approval for alcohol-free Haight Street Fair
  • Coordinated Haight Street clean up
  • First Annual HAIA Progressive Dinner on Haight
  • Supported plans for development of housing and grocery at 690 Stanyan
  • Supported interim parking use at 690 Stanyan
  • Prevented a secret move by the Homeless Youth Alliance to relocate their needle exchange program
  • Rejuvenated HAIA to represent both merchants and residents in the Upper Haight
  • Passed legislation to permit a Farmers' Market on Rec & Park land
  • Lobbied for an alcohol-free Haight Street Fair
  • First annual Holiday Party in December
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