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HAIA Denounces Vandals

posted Feb 21, 2012, 9:22 PM by David Drabkin
The Wells Fargo Branch bank on Haight St. was vandalized today (02/13/2012) by having its main window smashed with what appears to be a bowling ball.  The damage will likely be several thousand dollars.  The HAIA Board of Directors condemns all acts of violence, against property and persons.  There is nothing to be gained through such senseless acts.  Ultimately, the costs inflicted end up being paid by all the customers of the bank and the insurance companies involved.

Those who committed this destruction should be ashamed for their ignorance and cowardice.  We urge that issues with Wells be addressed directly to the bank, and be resolved in a dialogue of constructive non-violence.  Recent attacks on Wells' ATMs suggest persons in our neighborhood are behind the violence.  It is time to end the attempted intimidation and talk about it.

WFB @ Haight & Cole