Disrupting Dark Networks

This book is not about social networking, Facebook, or Twitter (although the methods it discusses can be applied to data extracted from such sites). It is about dark networks, that is, covert and illegal networks (Raab and Milward 2003), groups that seek to conceal themselves and their activities from authorities. Although the term is typically reserved for groups such as terrorists, gangs, drug cartels, and so on, it can refer to benign groups as well, such as the various resistance groups that sought to undermine the Nazis during WWII. This page (and its links) are devoted to my book, Disrupting Dark Networks, published by Cambridge University Press in 2012. Its purpose is to not only provide links to the various datasets illustrated in the book's worked examples, but also to provide updates on social network analysis software, highlight (unintentional) errors in the text, and provide links to other helpful sites. Just click on the links below and to the right, and they will take you to each chapter's webpage.