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Planbook 2017-2018  

Behavior System

-       The behavior of each student will be tracked through a positive expectations chart. Students will start each day with their clip on “I am doing my best to learn.” If the student is not meeting expectations, they will be asked to remove the clip. Once they are meeting expectations again, they will be invited back to add their clip.  

-       If the student has removed their clip 3 times in a week, it will result in a note home (blue slip). Three notes home will result in a detention. Notes home must be signed and returned to school the following day. If it is not returned, the student will receive a detention.

- Student behavior will also be tracked using Class Dojo. Students will earn and loose points individually. Parents can log in to their Class Dojo account to keep up with their child's progress.

*Some behaviors may automatically result in a blue slip or detention



Uniform checks will be done daily. Notices will be sent home should your child be out of uniform. Please refer to the Parent/Student handbook for more details on the SFDS uniform policy.


  2nd Grade Grades

         O = Outstanding

         G = Good

         S = Satisfactory

         NI = Needs Improvement