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Behavior chart

Each student will start on green every day.  When there is a behavior or work habit problem the student will be asked to pull a card.  The first time they are asked to pull a card they will move to yellow. A yellow card will serve as a warning- it will be noted in class, but a notification will not be sent home.  If asked to pull their card a second time, the students will move to orange and a they will write a note home describing what happened. The note home must be signed and returned to school the following day.  The third time a student pulls their card in a day, they will go to red and a detention notice will be sent home.  The detention notice must be signed and returned to school the following day. The behavior will be recorded every day and used to determine grades for behavior and work habits.

         *Some behaviors might cause a student to skip to a more severe color card.


            Uniform checks will be done daily. Notices will be sent home should your child be out of uniform. Please

          refer to the Parent/Student handbook for more details on the SFDS uniform policy.

  2nd Grade Grades
         O = Outstanding
         G = Good
         S = Satisfactory
         NI = Needs Improvement