A Call to Filipina Visual Artists

The women of Babae - GABRIELA-USA, League of Filipino Students, and Kappa Psi Epsilon are proud to announce the 9th Annual Diwang Pinay (“Spirit of the Filipina”) on April 29, 2011 in San Francisco. Diwang Pinay is an annual performance and art event in San Francisco showcasing Filipina/ Filipina-American performers, writers, and visual artists. Organized by women, for the artistic expression of women, Diwang Pinay is an evening dedicated to celebrating the contributions, struggles, and triumphs of Filipino women.

Diwang Pinay's theme this year is "Motherhood, Sisterhood, Sustained," in commemoration of the Filipino woman and her fighting spirit. 

We are looking for Filipina artists of various artistic disciplines to showcase their art and to also donate one piece of work to the Diwang Pinay Silent Auction. All proceeds from the sale of your work will go toward sustaining Babae, LFS, and Kappa Psi Epsilon’s community service projects.

We encourage artists to reflect on the theme of resistance and perseverance, emphasizing the transcendence from the mundane and illuminating the brilliance of our collective spirit. We are reaching out to you hoping you can forward this message to your Filipina artist friends! We'd be honored to showcase them at our event, so please HELP US SPREAD THE WORD!

Thank you in advance for all your help! We really appreciate the effort!

Babae - GABRIELA-USA, League of Filipino Students, and Kappa Psi Epsilon


1) Thank you for your interest in donating your work!  This means a lot to us, so please email us at diwangpinay2011@googlegroups.com with the following information. The information below must be emailed and submitted by March 31st :

Your Name

Your Phone

Your Mailing address

Your email

Artist bio

Description of submitted work

Estimated value of your piece

2) You will then be sent a mailing address where you can send in or drop off your work.

3) Should you need more information, have questions about your specific medium, or anything else, please feel free to email us at diwangpinay2011@googlegroups.com.  Or visit http://sites.google.com/site/sfdiwangpinay/ to learn more about Diwang Pinay.
 4) The piece itself must be submitted by April 22nd. This will give us enough time to display your work on the Diwang Pinay website so that others may begin bidding prior to the show on April 29th. If there are any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact us at diwangpinay2011@googlegroups.com