Friday, April 29, 2011
6:00-7:00pm - Doors open for the Art Gallery
7:00pm- Show starts!

Location: SFSU Jack Adams Hall
1600 Holloway Avenue, San Francisco State University Campus

$7-$10 sliding scale
                                            $5 for youth 10-17 years old w. a student ID
                                                            FREE for children 10 yrs and under


What is Diwang Pinay?
Diwang Pinay
 ("Spirit of the Filipina") is an annual performance and silent auction showcasing Filipina/ Filipina-American performers, writers, and artists.  Diwang Pinay promotes the work of Pinay artists everywhere and represents the expanding cultural backbone of the Filipina diaspora. This event is one of the few venues solely dedicated to providing
Filipinas and Filipina-Americans a platform to display their triumphs and struggles through art, linking history to the narrative of today's Pinay.

Diwang Pinay is a space and platform to talk about pinay issues, celebrate pinay successes, and empower ourselves in the process!

What can I expect at this event?
You can expect a range of performances from talented pinays from San Francisco and the greater Bay Area, like singing, dancing, guerilla theatre, poetry, film, and more! There will also be an art gallery showcasing artwork by Filipina women done in different mediums! Expect some good energy, a lot of empowering material, and a smile on your face by the end of the night :). This is a family event, so bring yourself, your parents, your children, your grandparents, cousings, homies, and whoever!

What is the theme this year?
motherhood, sisterhood, sustained

Who are the organizers of this event?

This event is organized by the women of Babae San Francisco, the Women's Committee of the League of Filipino Students at SFSU, and Kappa Psi Epsilon.

Babae - San Francisco
(Tagalog for "woman") is a women's organization that serves to address the rights and welfare of Filipinas in the San Francisco Bay Area. We strive to learn about our history and culture in the Philippines and how it connects to our conditions as Filipinas in the United States. We mobilize and organize around Pinay issues to strengthen our legacy as empowered Filipina women in solidarity with National Democracy in the Philippines and international women's emancipation.
For more information, please email info@babaesf.org 
or check out http://babaesf.org

League of Filipino Students focuses to deepen our understanding of the concrete connections between Filipinos in the United States and in the Homeland by studying and propagating the rich and proud revolutionary heritage of our People's continuing struggle for liberation and National Democracy. We take it upon ourselves as youth and students to renew our Filipino culture and history, define our present situation as Filipinos all over the world, come to a proper understanding of how to remedy our current condition, and take action. 
For more information, please email lfs.sfsu@gmail.com 

Kappa Psi Epsilon Forming a sisterhood that promoted Philippine culture had been a longtime dream for a group of women at California State University, Long Beach. The dream turned into a reality when one women, Gayle Romasanta, took the initiative to unite these women. On March 28, 1996, Kappa Psi Epsilon was born. Twenty four women formed the Founding Alpha Class with hopes of success and the desire for unity and friendship. Endless days of planning and organizing led to the beginning of a foundation set so strong that nothing would take their dreams away. Since then, the sorority has expanded to San Francisco State University on March 13, 1999, University of California Davis on August 11, 2001, and University of California Los Angeles on April 22, 2005. The sisters of Kappa Psi Epsilon now long to share their experiences, successes, and also their struggles with you... hoping that you will find the same treasures they had found in being a part of herstory.