Church Ministries                                                                                                 


    The Church of the Nazarene around the world has one mission: To make Christlike disciples in the nations. In 151 world areas, this statement of mission is embraced. The primary motive of the church is to glorify God. The Church of the Nazarene bonds together individuals who have made Jesus Christ Lord of their lives, sharing in Christian fellowship, and seeking to strengthen each other in faith development through worship, preaching, training, and service to others. We strive to express the compassion of Jesus Christ to all persons along with our personal commitment to Christlike living. Sweetwater First Church of the Nazarene has several ministries designed to encourage and equip every member of your family. To learn more about Sweetwater First Church of the Nazarene Ministries click on an image or read me per a category.

Sunday School Ministry

We are missional people. Our mission is to go and make disciples. The goal of Sunday School ministries is to reach lost people for Jesus. Through the Sunday School, we challenge all ages to be disciples of Jesus Christ and to invite others to do the same. Sunday School is the place where we help each other live the holy life through mutual support, Christian fellowship, and loving accountability. Read more >>

Children's Ministry
Today’s children face many societal influences that draw them away from God and His love. To counteract this, boys and girls need a variety of nurturing experiences provided by caring adults at church. Children’s spiritual needs include regular Bible study that focuses on life application, worship, Christian fellowship, and evangelism. Read more >>

Youth Ministry - Nazarene Youth International
Come be apart of a youth group that doesn't exist primarily for entertainment. It’s a place where you feel welcome, loved, and are allowed to be yourself while still being part of a group. We make a confession that Christ is Savior and Lord of our lives, and the Bible is the inerrant authority providing us with all necessary. Read more >>

Single Adult Ministry

We believe that single adults are important in God's eyes and are vital in His kingdom. We believe that singleness is a viable lifestyle and that God provides grace for living life as a Christian single adult. The mission of Single Adult Ministries is to encourage Christians, to introduce others to Jesus Christ. Read more >>

Senior Adult Ministry - Prime Timers
The Church of the Nazarene recognizes the tremendous contribution mature adults in many local congregations have already made during their lifetime. Further, Adult Ministries emphasizes the significant ministry potential that still resides within this group as we minister to, through, and with mature adults throughout our denomination. Read more >>


Missions Ministry - Nazarene Missions International and World Missions
As the Church of the Nazarene reaches out around the world, our missionaries are being challenged to be able to meet the many needs around them. Volunteers are responding from every age group and career background with a variety of skills, gifts, and talents to help meet those needs. Read more >>


Music and Praise Ministry

Sweetwater First Church of the Nazarene Music Ministry is able to reach the lost and disciple believers through various forms of music. Our efforts through music are reaching people from different walks of life. Our main emphases are choirs,quartets, solos, drama plays, and ministering through music. Read more >>

Audio and Web Ministry
In this day and age of advancing technology, Sweetwater First Church of the Nazarene finds itself able to reach the lost and disciple believers in ground breaking ways. Our efforts through technology are opening doors for our shut-ins and reaching people once thought to be unreachable. Our main emphases are audio, video production, web development, and ministering through media. Read more >>
Stewardship Ministry
The mention of the word "stewardship" more often than not evokes the image of money and giving, but stewardship is much more than that. A steward is someone who has been entrusted with something of value on behalf of someone else. As Christians, we understand that God has given us time, talents, and treasure. As God's stewards we are accountable to him for how we use these valuable gifts. Read more >>