What is SF Canstruction?

Canstruction is an annual design and building competition to create fantastic structures made entirely of canned food to raise awareness of hunger in the community and donate cans to food banks. After the structures are built and winners declared, the entries are open to the public as an art exhibit. At the close of the competition, all of the food used in the structures is donated to the San Francisco Food Bank.

The local competition is not a 501(c)3 not-for-profit charity, however the recipient of the cans, the San Francisco Food Bank is. They will give a receipt or donation letter for cans donated.

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Who We Are

Tipping Mar, Steinberg Architects, and Project Frog are teaming up to compete in San Francisco's Second Annual CANstruction. We'll be building a large-scale sculpture entirely of cans, competing against other design teams in the Bay Area.

Last year, Tipping Mar, in conjunction with BSA Architects and Pankow, won the prize for Structural Ingenuity by building a heart and apple sculpture made of 2,200 12 oz. tuna cans! They raised over $5,000 to buy the cans and donate them to the SF Food Bank. 

Help us go bigger, better, and donate even more cans to the SF Food Bank!
This year's theme is The CANnes Film Festival, so expect to see some of your favorite movies as well as incredible CANstructions. Sculptures require anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 cans. We really appreciate any help or support you can give and encourage you to check out the amazing work done by teams last year at sfcanstruction.org.

Where to See Us

The SF CANstruction exhibit will be open from November 12th to November 17 at the One Market lobby in San Francisco, just off the Embarcadero Muni/BART Station.

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