UPDATE: We presented the final results during a webinar on 27th February 2015, and the final report is now up on the Climate Commons.  Phase 2 is now underway, focusing on climate adaptation decisions for San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

We utilized recommendations from the Baylands Ecosystem Habitat Goals Update process to identify optimal allocations of limited funds across space and time for conservation in the SF Bay.

Subregional-scale alternative allocations of resources were evaluated for maximizing conservation benefits at a Bay-wide scale. The allocations will address uncertain climate change impacts along with budgetary and regulatory constraints.

To identify optimal allocations we conducted an  expert-facilitated Structured-Decision-Making (SDM) process consisting of :

Four 2-hr webinars in April 2014 [Completed]

One 2.5-day workshop in May 2014

The final outcome was a set of subregional resource allocations that are based on decision-analytic approaches.

These allocations will help guide natural resource management decisions throughout the Bay Area in the face of upcoming climate and land use changes.

We want to thank all of our participants for the time and feedback they contributed, and we appreciate the continued interest in this important process.


Your CADS Leadership Team