My Novels

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Quest For Justice (Book 1 of the Elementia Chronicles)      Available July 28 2015!!
Stan has never played Minecraft before, but from the start he loves the action of building with the infinite blocks that make up the world around him. He finds it exhilerating to battle the monsters of the night alongside his newfound friends, Charlie and Kat, on the Minecraft server Elementia. Before long, however, the three discover that there is a prejudice against new players on the server ...   Read more...
The New Order (Book 2 of the Elementia Chronicles)      Available October 27, 2015!!
The adventures of Stan, Kat and Charlie continue in this second entry of the Elementia Chronicles triolgy as the three friends battle against the ominous Noctem Alliance.

Read more here. SPOILER ALERT: The New Order page contains spoilers to plot endings of Quest for Justice.
 Herobrine's Message (Book 3 of the Elementia Chronicles)      Available January 2016!!
The finale to the epic Elementia Chronicles saga sees Stan engaged in a desperate struggle against a demonic creature often said to be a Minecraft urban legend, the outcome of which may change the world of Minecraft forever.