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Enrichment Program

Teachers at St. Francis of Assisi School collaborate to provide educational programming within a Catholic environment to support the unique needs of all students and maximize each child’s individual potential. The Enrichment Program at St. Francis of Assisi School exists to help create opportunities on many levels for talents and interests of all students at St. Francis to emerge and be nurtured.  

Students who demonstrate a need for higher level academic programming are identified for academic enrichment and then are supported through various means based on the area and their relative need.

There are also a variety of enriching interest and talent-based extracurricular programs, groups, clubs and competitions available that are coordinated by the Enrichment Program Teacher and other SFA staff members that are open to any student for whom it would be appropriate.  Additionally, there are grade specific events for all students (K-8) that take place throughout the school year within the classroom setting that are provided by the teachers or through the parent-run Curriculum Enhancement Program.  

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