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Social Media, Web Sites & Google Groups

Page Created:  09/17/11.  Last Updated:  04/18/18.
Thank you for joining the Association.  
As a member, you will soon be receiving notices from our Public and Private Google Groups and Sites.  We ask that you create a folder labelled "SFABC Groups&Sites."  Retitle the Subject Line as:  (example) Meeting Notice Invitation and place the invitation there.  It will save time and effort later when you wish to access a particular group.
Even if you are not especially interested in the subject matter of a particular Google Group, we ask that you accept the invitation.  We can change the default setting to "No Email," which means that you would never receive any further emails from the group unless you change the setting.  The advantage of doing it this way is that you would have full access to view or post comments on a topic should you desire to do so in the future.
Most of the Association's Groups and Sites are Public Sites, meaning that the content can be viewed by anyone in the world, but only group Members can post to the Group / Site.  We also maintain some Private Groups & Sites as well.

Social Media:
The Association and The Writers of the Weird maintain two types of presences on Social Media Platforms.  Active Platforms are used to communicate information about the groups through regular posts.  Passive Platforms exist to redirect visitors to the SFABC or WOTW websites.  Only the Active Platforms appear here.  If you would like to know about the Passive Platforms, you can click here
Twitter (SFABC)..........https://twitter.com/SFABCdotORG
..........Tweets 5 times a week:  Event Reminders, Member News, Genre News.

..........Post 5 times a week:  Event Reminders, Member News, Genre News.

FaceBook (Writers of the Weird)..........https://www.facebook.com/groups/473531096175449/
..........Post 5 - 6 times a week:  Member News / Sales / Posts.  News / Information for Genre Writers.
..........Post 5 - 6 times a week:  Member News / Sales / Posts.  News / Information for Genre Writers.

Across the MultiVerse (SFABC)..........New link created for each session).
..........This is an hour-long teleconference discussion of genre books, movies, television, comics, science, etc.  We are currently operating through Google HangOuts but are exploring other platforms.  There is a monthly weeknight session on a Wednesday (normally, but not always on the third Wednesday).  We hope to soon have a monthly early afternoon session on the third Saturday.

..........This is an hour-long teleconference discussion of aspects of the craft and business of writing.  We are currently operating through Google HangOuts but are exploring other platforms.  There is a monthly weeknight session on the second Tuesday and an early afternoon session on the third Sunday.

Public Sites:
The Association maintains three public websites.

Our General S F A B C website (that's this one).Our General Site has a tremendous amount of information on it.  Please take the time to poke around.  Again and again I mention features to our members which they had not realized were there.

Our Public Writers of the Weird site for the many authors in our group.  You can access the Writers of the Weird public site through the Writers of the Weird link on the Home Page or through this link:  https://sites.google.com/site/thewritersoftheweird/.
Our SFABC Social Media & Creatives Mart site publicly displays links posted to our FaceBook, Google Plus and Twitter accounts so that people who are not members of these platforms can access and benefit from them.  The site also links to members who write, create art, or produce other goods or services.  Here is the link:  https://sites.google.com/site/sfabcsocialmediacreativesmart/
Private Sites:
This site is set aside for information which we wish to communicate to our members but do not desire to be seen by outsiders.  This may include member benefits like lists of science fiction activities in the area or privacy concerns like the address and telephone number of a member who may be hosting a meeting, party, or other event at their home.
The Writers of the Weird is the club's writing group.  These two private sites hosts works-in-progress and completed stories and novels by our members.  A work may be posted in part or its entirety for several reasons:  the author may desire feedback about the work, the author may wish to show a rewrite based on comments from one of our live sessions, the author may wish to have a previously critiqued section of a story posted so that people can be up to speed on the work in preparation for the next section.  Generally speaking, only members of the Writers of the Weird are automatically admitted to this site, but we have granted access to some other members of the Association as well.  Note:  There is also a Public Writers of the Weird Site which can be viewed by anyone.
Posting to Google Groups:
We encourage people to post items of interest to our various Private and Public Google Groups.  Unless the material you are posting is in the public domain, we request that you post a link to the article as opposed to the article itself.  Including a couple of lines to indicate the nature of the article is acceptable.
We utilize this policy because 1) it's the proper thing to do, 2) many of our members are writers who have an interest in supporting publications which pay their writers, and 3) we are not of a mind to have to spend time defending ourselves in a lawsuit.
Private Groups:
This group serves three functions.  First of all, it is used for announcements and discussions about the business and activities of the Association iteself.  Second, it is can keep private information--like the addresses and phone numbers of members--out of sight from the eyes of the general public.  Finally, it is the catch-all site for a post on any topic which would not fit into any of the other groups.
This is the general discussion group for the members of The Writers of the Weird.  It covers the business and craft of science fiction publishing.  It used for market tips, critiques on short fiction posted on the Private Writers of the Weird Site, and other topics of interest.   The only writing-related subjects that do not belong here are critiques of novels and other long pieces by our members.
This group is devoted to critiques of novels and other long works posted on the Private Writers of the Weird Site.  Anything else should be posted on the general Writers of the Weird Group.
Public Groups:
This group distributes our monthly meeting notice, THE STARSHIP LOCAL.  The LOCAL previews the upcoming meeting, presents directions to the site, and gives a quick snapshot of the rest of the organization's activities that month.
The Bookstore Events Group is used for reminders about our smaller monthly events such as book discussions, video viewings, and so on.  Some of these are physically held at bookstores, others are held elsewhere, but they are all referred to as Bookstore Events.  The Critique Sessons of The Writers of the Weird do not appear here.  There is a seperate email list for The Writers of the Weird.
This group is used for updates about people who have spoken at past General Meetings of the Association.
Subject Groups:
Each of the above group is used for announcements, discussions and other posts about its particular subject.  The two most active groups ar the Science and Movie groups.
Note for Members Using GMail:
People using Gmail have additional options to access the Association's Google Groups and Google Sites.
Go to your Toolbar to "More."  Open the drop down menu and click on "Even More."  Then scroll down to Groups and to Sites.
Another option is to type "Google Groups" in your browser.  You will come to a Page with several options.  Click on "My Groups" and it will display all Google Groups of which you are a member.