z.New Members

Page Created:  09/17/11.  Last Updated:  08/19/15.
This Page has been created to help new members find their way around the Association and its events.

Hi, there!

Welcome to the Science Fiction Association of Bergen County.  Thank you for joining the group.

People join the group for different reasons.  Here are some quick pointers:

1..........Investigate this Website.

There's a tremendous amount of information here.  Comics & Art, for example, has pages devoted to science fiction artists, web comics, newspaper comic strips and more.  Feel free to suggest additional links for any of our pages.

2..........Come to our events.

Instead of deciding in advance that you are not interested in an event, give it a try.  One book group may be a good fit for you, another not so much.  You won't know unless you try it.

3..........Share information.

Odds are you know things that I don't.  Being in a group allows everyone to contribute information.  Post directly to the appropriate Google Group or pass it along to Phil.  If you are uncertain what / where / how to post, contact Phil first.

4..........Show Up at the General Meeting

Before we had our newsletter, web sites, book groups, etc, we had our General Meeting.  It's an incredible opportunity to hear and converse with writers, film makers, scientists, artists and other great experts.  You can talk to them directly in a small group.  You can also meet club members who share your interests and make friends.  You can always find reasons to not attend:  the weather's too nice, the weather's too bad; I'm too tired to make it, I'm too wound up to make it; it's too far; there's too much traffic.  Every meeting skipped is a day of lost opportunities.

5..........Please Read about these topics:

(Additional Topics are planned.)