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Last Update:  11/14/09
General Information:
Some science fiction groups are broad based.  They may be primarily interested in one aspect of science fiction / fantasy / horror, but accommodate people interested in other aspects.  The S F A B C is an example of this type of group.  We have on line or in person groups which focus on books, movies, science, and television.  Our General Meetings normally feature speakers from the literary end of things, but we have also had movie, science and television oriented programs.
Other groups organize around a particular television or movie series.  There are clubs devoted to STAR TREK, DOCTOR WHO, STAR WARS, and other series.  Sometimes a person may belong to both a broad based and a specialty focused group.
Other New Jersey Groups:
Not in this Area?:
Most major cities in the United States have some sort of Science Fiction Group.  We have no intention of attempting to provide a comprehensive list here.  Instead, we will list a few of the large, influential ones so that you can see what they are doing.  If you cannot find a group in particular area, try broadening your search.  For example, I am unaware of any science fiction groups which meet in Vermont, but a Vermonter could investigate the New England Science Fiction Association.