James Russell

Page Created:  12/06/14.  Last Updated:  12/06/14.
James Russell writes speculative fiction of various flavors, as well as working in other genres.  He is a Middle Grade school teacher in Bergen County.  He is currently at work on a novel and a number of shorter works.  The author joined the Association in December 2014.
Speculative Publications:
.....Friends & Pyromanics in The Quotable, Issue # 3 (Transformation). 2011
.....The Gay Bomb in Blip Magazine, Winter 2010
.....Voodoo John in Sinners & Saints New Fiction 2014 Festival (runner up), 2014
Other Works:
.....Divine Hand in Sinners & Saints New Fiction 2012 Festival
.....Mountainview in Sinners & Saints New Fiction 2013 Festival
.....The Camp Seminole Weiner Wall in Penduline Press 2012 (nominated for Best of the Web by editors)