Frederick Doot

Page Created:  03/28/14.  Last Updated:  03/28/14.
Frederick Doot writes literary fiction, screenplays, film reviews, and blogs both on the the craft of writing (this very site!) and the continually woeful New York Mets. He is also a freelance editor and participant in various writers groups near Glen Rock, N.J. including: the Fair Lawn Writer's Circle, the Garden State Speculative Fiction Writers Group, the North Jersey Writers Group, the Science Fiction Association of Bergen County, and the Wordweavers of North Jersey.
For much of the summer, his alter-ego, Rick Tood, can be found meandering the woods of the Catskill Mountains near Livingston Manor, New York, hiking, fishing, sippin' whiskey while staring at the stars, and churning out words for the endless supply of speculative fiction stories that sneak into his mind.
Doot is Chief Editor of Total New Games developing Zombacane:  The Card Game due for release Winter of 2014.
He is also Managing Editor of Fantasy Scroll Magazine, a new publication set to publish high-quality, entertaining, and thought-provoking speculative fiction.
Doot is owner of a small sign and lettering company, doot designs, based in Bergen County, New Jersey.
Words are never far from his crafts.