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Special Activity: Halloween Party

This Old Event Has Been Archived Here for Possible Future Reference.
Short Version:
The Association's annual Halloween Party will be held at the Saddle River Valley Cultural Center from 6:00 - 10:30 PM on Saturday, October 16, 2010.  This is a no charge, costume-optional (most people don't wear them) event.  Food contribution is optional.  This is being thrown together on short notice as Pam and Phil are unable to host the event this year.  Don't expect much in the way of decor.  We'll have a couple of movies playing and hope to get a sing-along of Halloween Carols.
(Also:  no popcorn.  It's too messy.)
First time visitors welcome, but drop me a line first at:  SFABCPhil (at) gmail.
Longer Version:
Unlike our Holiday Party, this is not a Pot Luck Dinner.  Food will pretty much consist of snacks plus whatever anyone else decides to bring along.  Here's what Pam and I will be bringing:
1     each             Vegetable platter
2     containers     Pringles potato chips
2     bags             Pretzels
2     bags             Tortilla chips
12    each             Apple cider donuts
12    each             Pumpkin glazed donuts
2      bags             Hershey small chocolate bars
2      bottles          Salsa
2      bottles          Onion, etc dip
4      bottles          Shop Rite 2 liter diet soda
2      containers     Sun iced tea
4     gallons           Apple cider
24    cans              Sprite / orange / grape soda (non diet)
Coffee urn
Tea Bags
Hot cups
Cold cups
Pizza ................. 4 pies.  I'll pay, but would like someone to do a 7 PM transport
DVD/VCR Combo (2)
DVDs / Tapes
Song lyrics
We'll set up a TV & DVD/VCR player in the basement and show OUTER LIMITS episodes the whole night.
We'll have the Cultural Center's TV and a DVD/VCR playing silent films in the alcove at the top of the stairs where it's noisier
Singing:  We'll try for Halloween Carols in the theater section (or maybe outside, depending on the weather)
This is not a General Meeting.  There is no charge to attend.
If someone wants to renew their membership, we won't turn them down.
Most of the people who pledged $ 5.00 to pay the rent have paid their pledge.  Anyone who has not yet done so can do it on Saturday or another time.
This is not a Pot Luck Dinner.  You don't need to bring food.
If someone wants to add to the larder, we won't say no.
I'm lugging too much food and AV equipment to worry about decorations.  If you want them, bring them.  Then take them home with you.