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February Meeting Contingencies

Page Created:  02/06/13.  Last Updated:  02/07/13.
There is the possibility the February 9, 2013 Meeting may be canceled due to inclement weather.  There is also the possibility that the meeting may be held but our planned speaker may cancel.  This Page is to outline the contingencies.
A storm is due to hit on Friday into Saturday.  It may be rain.  It may be snow.  It may be a mixture.
..........If we get two feet of snow, the meeting is canceled.
..........If we get mostly rain and an inch or two of snow, the meeting is on.
The question is what if it's somewhere in between.  This decision will be determined by weather conditions the day of the meeting. The current forecast is that all percipitation will be done by Saturday noon.  If that is the case, we will give the plows a chance to work on the roads and assess the driving conditions.  We should know by 3:00 PM.  We will update the meeeting status:
We will also have a message at (201)  447 - 3652 after 3:00 PM.
We may decide to hold the meeting, but our speaker may decide to bow out because she would be coming in from Manhattan.  If this should come to pass, we will offer a substitute program.
For fans of Japanese Anime / Manga:
Some people were really looking forward to the meeting because Lizbeth Jimenez is a Manga writer / artist.  These people will have the option to view anime in the basement.  We will have some on hand, or you can bring your own DVD or VHS.
For people interested in writing / being published:
Club member A J Colucci, who lives close by, has agreed to be a replacement speaker if needed.  This is not an instance of having to take-what-you-can-get, we had planned to have her speak at one of the summer meetings.  Ms Colucci is the author of THE COLONY, a science thriller published by St Martin's.  She has delivered her second novel (not a sequel) to St Martin's for 2014 publication.  A J will talk about her books, how she landed an agent and got published, and answer questions.
Author's Website:
The Colony:
Back Up Back Up Plan:
If we decide to hold the meeting but A J is uncomfortable about coming out, we will cobble together a program consisting of videos, a Topic Discussion, and perhaps a reading by one of our members.