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S F A B C - A Place to Explore the Wonderful Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror in Books, Movies, Television, & More!

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Saturday, July 14, 2012, 8:00 PM
Polly Shulman, Young Readers Author
Welcome to the Website of the Science Fiction Association of Bergen County.
For over 25 years the S F A B C has promoted an interest and enjoyment of science fiction, fantasy, horror and related areas with a variety of events and activities.
The Association currently has four main areas of activity:
The Association's monthly General Meeting is the centerpiece of the organization.  It is normally held the evening of the second Saturday of the Month.  Most General Meetings feature a talk or other presentation by a writer, editor, film maker or similar expert in the fields of science fiction, fantasy or horror.  They are usually preceded by discussions and videos.  A list of recent and upcoming meetings appears below.  A complete list appears under General Meeting.
Note:  The club Meeting Notice provides more detailed information about the monthly General Meeting.
Recent / Upcoming General Meetings:
2012                                                                                             2011                                             
December 8, 2012                                                                         December 10, 2011
Holiday Party / Pot Luck Dinner                                                      Holiday Party / Pot Luck Dinner
To Be Announced                                                                          Bergen Highlands United Methodists Church
November 10, 2012                                                                        November 12, 2011
To Be Announced                                                                          Lauren Panepinto, Creative Director OrbitYen Press
To Be Announced                                                                          Saddle River Valley Cultural Center
October 13, 2012                                                                           October 15, 2011
Karen Green, Comics Librarian / Medievalist                                     Michele Lang, Fantasy Author
To Be Announced                                                                          Saddle River Valley Cultural Center
September 8, 2012                                                                         September 10, 2011
To Be Announced                                                                           Kevin Manning & Helio Takai Astrophysicists       
Panera Bread, Ramsey                                                                   Saddle River Valley Cultural Center
August 11, 2012                                                                             August 13, 2011
Edward Lazellari, Fantasy Author                                                     N K Jemisin, Fantasy Author
Barnes & Noble, Hackensack                                                          Barnes & Noble, Hackensack
July 14, 2012                                                                                  July 9, 2011
Polly Shulman, YA Fantasy Author                                                   Paul Malmont, Science Fiction Author
Barnes & Noble, Hackensack                                                           Barnes & Noble, Hackensack
June 9, 2012                                                                                   June 11, 2011
Patrick Thomas, Fantasy Author                                                        Dennis McCunney, E-Book Expert
Barnes & Noble, Hackensack                                                            Barnes & Noble, Hackensack
May 12, 2012                                                                                   May 14, 2011
Linda Zimmermann, Science Writer                                                   Barry N Malzberg, Author / Critic
Saddle River Valley Cultural Center                                                    Saddle River Valley Cultural Center
April 14, 2012                                                                                   April 9, 2011
Felix Gilman, Fantasy Author                                                             Susan Fichtelberg, Librarian / Critic / Author
Saddle River Valley Cultural Center                                                     Saddle River Valley Cultural Center
March 10, 2012                                                                                 March 12, 2011
David Barr Kirtley, Author / Web Show Co-Host                                   Anime Video Program
Saddle River Valley Cultural Center                                                     Saddle River Valley Cultural Center
February 11, 2012                                                                              February 12, 2011
Alaya Dawn Johnson, Fantasy Author                                                  John M Cusick, Writer / Literary Agent
Saddle River Valley Cultural Center                                                      Saddle River Valley Cultural Center
January 14, 2012                                                                                 January 8, 2011
David Orange, Actor / Author                                                                Video Program
Saddle River Valley Cultural Center                                                       Saddle River Valley Cultural Center
This is a catch all category for the smaller monthly gatherings of the club.  This include book and television discussions, video get togethers, and other activities.  Some of these are held at area book stores.  Others are held at members' homes or elsewhere.
First Tuesday of each Month:  FINAL FRONTIER
..........SF Television Discussion Group, Panera Bread, Ramsey, New Jersey, 8:00 PM.
..........Next Event:  July 3, 2012..........Villains & Other Ne'er-Do-Wells.
First Thursday of each Month:   INFINITE IMAGES.
..........Video Viewing Group, Member's Home, Waldwick, New Jersey, 7:30 PM.
..........Next Video:  July 5, 2012...........THE LATHE OF HEAVEN.
Second Wednesday of each Month:   MONSTERS OF HORROR.
..........Horror Book Discussion Group, Mystery Site:  Contact SFABCPhil, 8:00 PM.
..........Next Event:  July 11, 2012............CHASING THE MOON by A Lee Martinez.
Second Saturday of each Month:   GENERAL MEETING.
..........Guest Speaker plus pre meeting Videos & Discussion.  Various Sites.
..........Next Meeting:  July 14,  2012..........Polly Shulman, Young Readers' Author.
..........Barnes & Noble, The Shops at Riverside, Hackensack, New Jersey.
...............7:00 PM:  Ice Nine Pre Meeting Discussion of Currently Cool Science Fiction
...............8:00 PM:  General Meeting Starts.
Third Tuesday of each Month:  TOPIC DISCUSSION GROUP.
..........Discussion of Theme or Device in Book, Film, etc., The Fine Grind Coffee Bar, Little Falls, New Jersey 8:00 PM.
..........Next Discussion:  July 17, 2012..........Dreams & Nighmares
Third Thursday of each Month:   YOUNG FANTASY READS.
..........YA Fantasy / SF Book Discussion Group, Barnes & Noble, Paramus, New Jersey, 7:30 PM.
..........Next Event:  July 19, 2012............THE WEE FREE MEN by Terry Pratchett.
Fourth (or Fifth) Sunday of each Month:   WRITERS OF THE WEIRD.
..........Critique Group for Aspiring Authors, Member's Home, Rutherford, New Jersey, 3:00 PM.
..........Next Workshop:  July 29, 2012.
Last Week Night of each Month:  MONTH END BOOK GROUP.
..........Food Court Alcove by 2nd Floor Elevators, Paramus Park Mall, Paramus, New Jersey, 7:30 PM.
..........Next Book:  Friday, June 29, 2012..........VORTEX by Robert Charles Wilson.
..........Days, Times, and Locations Vary by Event.
..........Next Event:  Saturday, July 21, 2012, 2:00 PM at Members' Home, Waldwick, New Jersey.
..........Videos from Before They Were Famous.
The Association maintains a number of Google Groups for discussions and information.  These are organized by topic - Books; Comics; Movies; Science; Television; Writing and others.  Some are Public (non members can view but not participate), others are Private (hidden from non members).

These groups allow members to share interests and information.


This group focuses on science fiction, fantasy and horror books and stories and the people who write them.  News, reviews, commentary and other information appear as DISCUSSIONS.  The address is: SFABC Books.


This group explores science fiction, fantasy, comic book and related art including illustrators, illustrations, webcomics, comic strips, and manga.  The address is SFABC Comics & Art.


This group is dedicated to genre movies.  The DISCUSSIONS post news and opinions about new and classic films.  The address is:  SFABC Movies.


This group is concerned with science, technology, and science/tech oriented science fiction.  The DISCUSSIONS post links to articles and stories members find of interest.  The address is:  SFABC Science & Science Fiction.


This group discusses current and classic genre television series.  DISCUSSIONS post news, reviews, and other information about shows.  The address is:  SFABC Television.


The Association also maintains Private Groups which cannot be accessed by non members:
PERSONALS is for club business, sensitive information, and anything which does not fit into one of the other groups.
WEIRD NOVELS is for critique of novels and other longish works by members of our writers group.
WRITERS OF THE WEIRD allows our writers to share information and post shorter works for critique.
Information Groups:
These groups provide information about aspects of the Association.
This group distributes the Association's monthly Meeting Notice, THE STARSHIP LOCAL.  Request a group invitation or simply book mark it for reference.  The address is:  Meeting Notice.
This group provides updates about the activities of past Association Guest Speakers.   The address is:  Programs & Speakers.


This group sends reminders about the Association's smaller, more focused monthly events like book discussions, video gatherings and the like.  Many are held at area bookstores or members' homes.   The address is:  Bookstore Events

The S F A B C currently has two publications, THE STARSHIP LOCAL and THE STARSHIP EXPRESS.
THE STARSHIP EXPRESS is our monthly Newsletter and is distributed to members of the Association.  The EXPRESS includes a preview of the current month's meeting, directions to the meeting site, a list of S F A B C activities for the month, information about readings, signings, conventions, movies and other events of interest.  It also includes news about members, a write up of the previous month's Generral Meeting, and a recap of the prior month's activities.  The EXPRESS is published in both online and print formats.
THE STARSHIP LOCAL is our monthly Meeting Notice.  It contains a preview of the General Meeting, directions, and a bit
more.  It is distributed via a Google Group.  Non members can request to be made a member of the Google Group.