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Association News & Updates

Page Created:  05/17/11.  Last Updated:  07/05/12.
Created & Populated Pages for 2011 & January - May 2012 in Past Meeting Notices (Publications)
The Stone Pit, and old story by Charles Garofalo, added to the Trifles area on the public The Writers of the Weird Website.
Several On Line Science Fiction Magazines added to Publishers:  Magazines Page.
Website Television Series Page updated with entries for Alphas, Battlestar Galactica:  Blood and Chrome, Camelot, The Cape, Game of Thrones, Haven, and Warehouse 13
Over a dozen short pieces scattered around this website reposted under Trifles on the public The Writers of the Weird Website:
Website Enhancement:  Upcoming Meetings & Speakers Page Created.  This information is actually available several other places on the website, but a link to this new page appears near the top of the site, between Next General Meeting and Meeting Date.  The Page lists the speaker, date, meeting site and website of our guest.
LINDA ZIMMERMANN, science writer, confirmed as speaker for May 12, 2012 General Meeting.
DAVID BARR KIRTLEY, science fiction and fantasy writer, confirmed as speaker for March 10, 2012 General Meeting.
Website Enhancement:  Pages created for the various venues in which our Bookstore Discussions meet.  These are sub Pages of .Directions.  Links to these Pages appear under both .Directions and the Home Page.
Final Frontier Television Discussion Group officially relocates to Panera Bread in Ramsey.  This was necessitated by the closing of the Ramsey Borders Books & Music.
The Topic Discussion Group officially relocates to The Fine Grind Coffee Bar in Little Falls.  We feel this location will be a better fit than the childrens' section of Barnes & Noble in Woodland Park.
DAVID ORANGE. actor in STAR TREK IV:  THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY (The Sleepy Klingon) and author THE POWDER MERCHANT confirmed as speaker for January 14, 2012 General Meeting.
FELIX GILMAN, author of THE HALF-MADE WORLD and other books,  confirmed a speaker for April 14, 20121 General Meeting.
LAUREN PANEPINTO, Creative Director of Orbit Books and Yen Press, confirmed as speaker for November 12, 2011 General Meeting.
ALAYA DAWN JOHNSON, author of MOONSHINE and other novels and shorter works, confirmed as February 11, 2012 General Meeting Speaker.
PAUL MALMONT, author of THE ASTOUNDING, THE AMAZING, AND THE UNKNOWN and other books and comics, confirmed as July 9, 2011 General Meeting Speaker.
Blog Reprints by Frederick Doot, Richard Herr and David vun Kannon were posted on the Blog Section of the Writers of the Weird Website.
Two decades-old reviews by CHRISTOPHER WARD were posted on The Writers of the Weird Website:  a review of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK fom before the film was released and of the book THE SWILLARILLION by the author of "The Lord of the Sties."  Both were reprinted with permission from YOUNG DULLARD magazine.
"Young Dullard:  The Return of the Giant Rat of Sumatra" by CHARLES GAROFALO has been posted under Trifles on the The Writers of the Weird Website.  This work is reprinted with permission from YOUNG DULLARD magazine.
GEORGE GALUSCHAK announced that his science fiction story "Stinker City" has been accepted for publication by the upcoming e-book anthology:  APEXOLOGY:  SF AND FANTASY.
PAULINE ALAMA announced that her fantasy story "Wisdom of Winds" has been accepted for publication by the upcoming anthology, SWORD AND SORCERESS 26.
HIROSHI KONOYA report on Wizard World Comic Con in Anaheim posted on Website under Conventions.
DAVID VUN KANNON report on Barry Malzberg's talk at the May 2011 General Meeting posted at 05/2011 Meeting Page and at Invisible Hand blog.