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From Star Ships to Cyberspace:  Television and the S F A B C.
Do you argue with friends over who the best Captain was on Star Trek?  Or who was the best Companion to Doctor Who?  Do you have vague memories of short lived series no one else seems to remember?  If you do, you'll fit right in with us.
The Association has long and deep ties to science fiction, fantasy and horror television.  Many past guest speakers have written tie-in books to a wide variety of genre series.  We've had a couple of people who have written episodes of shows down to talk.  We were even fortunate enough to have Michael O' Hare of Babylon 5 speak years ago.
Our Infinite Images group shows movies or episodes of television shows once a month.  We have also had Special Activities like getting together to watch obscure shows or to watch the series debut of a show.  Our Final Frontier group discusses genre TV each month.  Our  Armchair Odyssey has a mini-binge of current or classic television series each month.  It had previously been a pre meeting get together to watch broadcast TV before our General Meetings.  Our SFABC (nj) Television Google Group is an on line discussion group.
Two sub Pages branch off from this Page:
..........This contains links to SFABC Web Pages for TV series with a connection of some sort to the Association, or to series someone in our group suggested.   It does not attempt to be a comprehensive list of every series ever produced.
..........This covers other aspects of genre television, such as links to Networks, Television Guides, and Non Show Specific Information.  Down the road we hope to have more information on this Page.