Comics and Art

Last Update:  05/08/11.
Welcome to Comics & Art!
The very first meeting of the Science Fiction Association of Bergen County featured a slide show by science fiction illustrator David Mattingley.   Many other notable artists have followed him, including The Brothers Hildebrandt, James Gurney and Rowena Morrill.  We have also hosted talks by a couple of Art Directors.  Our Art of the Fantastic group discussed art and artists for many years.
Among the big name people in the Comic Book field to appear at our General Meetings are Denny O'Neil, Richard and Wendy Pini, Jim Shooter and Louise and Walter Simonson.
Don't get too fixated on names, though.  Some of the best presentations were by people you have never heard of.
The SFABC (nj) Comics & Art Google Group features discussions and news posts about various aspects of Art & Comics.
..........This Page focuses on famous and obscure works of animation from many countries, particularly Japan (Anime).  These can be short works like cartoons or feature length like Fantasia.  The Page encompasses many styles of animation, including hand-drawn, stop motion, and computer generated works.
..........This Page features links to cartoons and short works of animation which can be readily viewed at YouTube or other sites. 
..........There are two sub pages which branch off from Comic Books / Graphic novels:
Comics Writers & Artists features links to the people who create comic books.
Publications & Sites focuses on the finished comic book:  publishers, reviewers, and so on.
Comic Strips (Newspaper and Magazine Comics)
..........This Page provide links to the traditional stort of Comic Strip you might read in a newspaper or magazine.  We are not trying to list every strip ever created, just those with some sort of connection to science fiction, fantasy, and horror.  Just being a weird strip will usually do it.  Browse our list and discover some Comic Strips you have not yet encountered.
..........This is a Page of Wikipedia links to some popular English language Manga (Japanese Comic Books).  It is not a definitive list, but includes those suggested by S F A B C members and others.
..........This is a Page of links to on line Web Comics.  We do not attempt to list every Web Comic every created, simply ones recommended by members of the Association.
Illustrations and Illustrators (Science Fiction / Fantasy)
..........Use this Page to visit the Web Sites of notable artists in the field.  Artists who have spoken at Association gatherings contain links to the newsletter accounts of those meetings.
Three Dimensional Works of Art
..........This future Page will focus on works like Sculpture, Gardens, etc.