Upcoming Meetings & Speakers

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October 8, 2011               Michele Lang, Fantasy Author               Member's Home, Paramus, New Jersey
November 12, 2011           Lauren Panepinto, Art Director              Saddle River Valley Cultural Center, USR
December 10, 2011          Holiday Party / Pot Luck Dinner             Saddle River Valley Cultural Center, USR
January 14, 2012              David Orange, Actor / Author                 To Be Announced
February 11, 2012            Alaya Dawn Johnson, Fantasy Author     To Be Announced
March 10, 2012                David Barr Kirtley, Author                       To Be Announced
April 14, 2012                   Felix Gilman, Fantasy Author                To Be Announced
May 12, 2012                   Linda Zimmermann, Sciene Writer          To Be Announced