04/2013 Meeting

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Michael Tresca is a game designer and a writer of fiction and non fiction.  His writings include humorous fantasy, commentary on aspects of popular culture and reviews.  Although he maintains a website, he is more active on Google+ and other areas of social media.
On the Web:
Facebook (Dredspace):  https://www.facebook.com/dredspace
Awfully Familiar
The Well of Stars
The Evolution of Fantasy Role-Playing Games. 
Alien Invasion
All the King's Men
Combat Missions
The Complete Guide to Werewolves
Blood & Blades:  The Profiler's Guide to Slashers
Blood & Brains:  The Zombie Hunter's Guide
Blood & Spooks:  The Ghost Hunter's Guide
The Dancing Hut
Etherscope:  The Great Metropolis
Frost & Fur:  The Explorer's Guide to the Frozen Lands
Iron Kingdoms Character Guide
Iron Kingdoms World Guide
Mercenaries:  Born of Blood
Modern Mercenary Manual
Quest for Power
Scrollworks Present:  Characters & Locations
Tsar Rising
Newsletter Account
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