2017 - 04/2017 Meeting

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Jason Kendall, Astrophysicist





Meeting Date:  April 08, 2017.
Meeting Site:  Bergen Highlands United Methodist Church.  Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.
Attendance:  31.
Meeting Program:  Talk w/Q & A by Literary Agent / Attorney.

Newsletter Account:

The following account is reprinted with permission from  THE STARSHIP EXPRESS  Copyright 2017  Philip J De Parto:

There were actually more members of the Association at Lunacon 2017 in Tarrytown than at the Bergen Highlands United Methodist Church in Upper 
Saddle River on Saturday, April 8, 2017.  The place certainly did not feel empty as there were a number of newcomers to hear Professor Jason 
Kendall's talk on ExoPlanets.

Jason Kendall is an Associate Professor at William Paterson University.  He is also a Science Explainer at the American Museum of Natural History, 
a past NASA Ambassador for the National Aeronautics & Space Administration and serves on the Board of Directors of the Amateur Astronomers 
Association of New York.

The talk was fascinating and covered the distribution of planets throughout known space, methods of detecting planets, the statistical likelihood of 
intelligent life in our galaxy and other topics.  This will be posted in more detail at the 2017 - 04/2017 Meeting on the club website at a later date.