2016 - 12/2016 Meeting

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Holiday Party / Pot Luck Dinner

A minimum of four volunteers will be needed at the Methodist Church at 6:00 PM to assist with the set up for the pot luck dinner.  For those of you who are new to the group and unfamiliar with pot luck dinners, the affair operates in this manner:  everyone prepares a dish and everyone shares from the common pot.  We hope to have dinner ready for 7:15 PM.  The Methodist Church has a refrigerator and facilities to keep warm / reheat food.

We will need main dishes (stews, roasts, pastas, casseroles) appetizers, side dishes, desserts, beverages, condiments, paper products, serving utensils and so on.  To avoid duplications, please notify Philip De Parto about your planned contribution in advance of the event. 

Anyone bringing food is asked to include an index card to display with their dish.  The card should include the following information:  the name of the contributor, the name of the dish, and a list of ingredients used in the preparation of the food.  This will allow people with dietetic restrictions of a medical or religious nature to be sure that they can enjoy the food without difficulty.

Although we much prefer that everyone bring a dish, we know that there will always be someone who decides to attend at the last minute or who will be unable to prepare something for the meal.  These people may donate $ 7.00 in lieu of food.  This is to cover the cost of food and is separate from the Attendance or Annual Membership Fees that may be due.  Note:  everyone is expected to contribute food or equivalent.  This includes first time attendees. 


This is a standard meeting of the Association with the usual membership, etc. fee structure in place.  We require these fees in addition to the food or money we charge for dinner because the Methodist Church and the Post Office charge us rent, postage, and so on.  Call ahead of time if you need to discuss anything.


Meeting Date:  December 10, 2016.
Meeting Site:  Bergen Highlands United Methodist Church.  Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.
Attendance:  25
Meeting Program:  Holiday Party / Pot Luck Dinner.

Newsletter Account:

The following account is reprinted with permission from  THE STARSHIP EXPRESS  Copyright 2017  Philip J De Parto:

The annual Pot Luck Dinner of the Science Fiction Association of Bergen County was held at the Bergen Highlands United Methodist Church in Upper Saddle River on Saturday, December 10, 2016.  The event featured a mixture of our regulars, some long-absent friends, and a couple of newcomers we hope we will see again.

Standout main dishes were barbecued chicken (Bobbi Bauer) and beef stew (Pamela Webber).  Other options were a pair of rotisserie chickens (Sam Person & Joann Jenkins)  and browned ground beef (Philip De Parto).

There were a lot of vegetable choices including Eggplant Parmesan (Roy Greenberg), green salad (Kathy Holusha), vegetable salad (Charles Garofalo), Waldorf Salad (Steve Herr), acorn squash (Patricia Nash), vegetable trays (the La Barres and also Debra Quiat) and black olives, corn and wax beans (Phil).

Sides included macaroni-and-cheese (Randie O'Neil), cocktail franks, cheese and crackers (Sue & Tom Duchak), potato salad and macaroni salad (John Jurich) and stuffing (Phil).

Lawrence Soria contributed sliced pineapples, peaches, and Mandarin oranges.

There were lots of desserts including cinnamon buns (John Upton), apple pie (Greg Roman), donut holes (Debra Matofsky), cookies (Tom MacCarrol and Kathy Holusha) and pastries (Jacqueline Moroz).

Various people brought soda, seltzer and juice.  Roy made Brewed Tea.  Pam made an urn of coffee.  Phil brought milk.  The club stock contributed tea bags, sweeteners, cups, plates, napkins and candy.

Both newcomers fit right in.  Debra Quiat hit it off with Debra, Pat and Kathy.  Joann Jenkins came with Sam, who is friends with Jackie and Arnold.

The surprise of the night was the appearance of the La Barres.  Grace found a batch of plastic dinosaurs and spread them out on the carpet in the other section of the Fellowship Hall as Karen beamed:  "That's my little nerd!"

Roy talked about STAR TREK, television and other matters with Sam and company.  James chatted with John Upton about Lunacon.  Karen talked to Tom M about LARPs and gaming.  John U and Deb M discussed costumes and conventions.

Lots of people helped Phil with the set up and clean up, particularly Pam, Randie, Kathy and Chuck.  Apologies to anyone overlooked in this account.
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