2016 - 01/2016 Meeting

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Julianne Clancy, Horror Expert / Book Copy Writer

Julianne Clancy is an Expert in Horror (Masters in Horror from Trinity College in Dublin) who writes book cover copy for Penguin USA.  She also blogs about food.

Articles of Interest:

..........Judging a Book by Its Cover - Interview at Book Country:  http://blog.bookcountry.com/writing-copy-julianne-clancy/
..........Paranormal / Horror Staff Picks - Julianne Clancy:  http://www.penguinusablog.com/paranormalhorror-staff-picks-julianne-clancy/

Food Blog:  Apartment Epicurean:  https://apartmentepicurean.wordpress.com/

Social Media:


Meeting Date:  January 9, 2015.
Meeting Site:  Bergen Highlands United Methodist Church, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.
Official Attendance:  
Meeting Program:  Talk by Book Copy Writer / Horror Authority.

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